Workday Rising 2014: Our Take

So as the curtain comes down on Workday Rising 2014, we’re already looking forward to the Workday community gathering again in 2015 in Las Vegas and Dublin. But before I get ahead of myself and start planning my itinerary for the next event, I need to get my head around the last few days.

Workday Rising is CloudPay’s main event of the year. CloudPay doesn’t act as a sponsor at any other event, leaving people to often ask why that is and what we aim to get from it.

So, why is this the only event CloudPay sponsors each year? Well that’s simple to understand for anyone who’s been to Rising. The event itself just buzzes with enthusiasm from the start. The “power of one” that Workday promotes drives everybody in the Workday community to strive for excellence and improvement; this is true of Workday, their customers and their partners. This is the place to go for companies that innovate and create.

CloudPay launched our new CloudPay Control module last week, too. It was very well received by an audience who understood the game-changing benefits for payroll teams. Being able to constantly review processes to establish common themes will benefit not just one CloudPay customer, but potentially all – this in itself will help drive change and innovation, focusing efforts on any key areas of improvements that may be needed.

CloudPay Connect takes central interest for most customers who want to know how CloudPay works with Workday to globalize payroll processing. The icing on the cake for customers and prospects is not only in pushing data for the payroll processing, but also soon being able to provide the statutorily compliant payslips back into Workday. This advancement means that employees no longer have to tackle separate ESS applications for HCM and Payroll, whether that’s one person on a payroll in Turkey or one of many thousands in a payroll in a more populated country.

The CloudPay Insights application was equally well received, particularly on the back of Workday’s keynote announcements by Joe Korngiebel about the predictive analytics features that were launched that very day. The crowd was literally on their feet in amazement at the features, but were jumping when they realized existing customers could use this in preview mode when they left the session.

It was also pleasing to see Greg Bergin of Groupon as part of a panel session on Tuesday. He talked through his experience of Groupon’s integration journey between Workday and CloudPay, covering 12,000 employees in 45 countries, a story that resonated to those in the session going through a similar track or about to embark on their own journey.

One of the things that always impresses me is the teamwork at CloudPay to make the event a success. This team includes our Product and Development teams that continue to make our products and services better. CloudPay’s Implementation and Operations teams then take the baton to ensure we have happy customers (which clearly seemed to be the case). We also have our marketing manager slugging away tirelessly in the background to ensure we have a presentable booth (and team!), events and promotions as well as our Admin team who work out the logistics. The team on the booth are merely the lucky ones who get to enjoy the experience and speak the virtues of the rest of the company – I hope we did you all proud and you know the hard work is worth it!

Of course we had fun too. The #CPSelfie contest drew people to the booth and we’re happy to announce that Carlos Pelayo, Associate Director of HR Systems & Strategy for Biogen Idec, is now the proud owner of a GoPro camera.

The team had invited a select crowd to come to Rams Gate Winery. A great evening was had by all learning about the process of making fine wines – obviously the best bit was trying the wine, which made for a great journey back into town – although I can’t ever forgive “Barbie Girl” being put on the PA system (you know who you are, making us listen to that!) and the image of those dancing on the pole will live long into the memory (again, I’ll protect my innocence by not mentioning names!).

Wednesday’s entertainment was through Workday’s usually over-the-top Customer Appreciation party. Based on the theme of Harvest Fest, we had everything from lassos to pumpkins to live music. It’s fair to say that the crowd rocked the dance floor well into the evening.

I’m now tired, but I’m sitting typing this with a big smile on my face as I remember the people and events that have made the last few days so interesting and fun – here’s to next year!