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Don't let yesterday's technology stifle your business. Implement CloudPay's international payroll solution for accurate, standardized and integrated payroll processing in 130+ countries. Request a demo today.

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Standardize Payroll Across 130+ Countries

For many multinational organizations, paying a global workforce means using dozens of local payroll providers, each with their own systems, workflows, processes, and standards. Such a decentralized payroll model isn't scalable or sustainable long-term, and racks up hidden costs. Only by taking a holistic approach to global payroll can organizations assess and optimize the end-to-end efficiency, effectiveness, and economics of the payroll function.

That's why CloudPay provides accurate, compliant global payroll in a single, unified, automated solution, with auditable processes adapted to the unique requirements of each location. Now, innovative organizations around the world can experience unprecedented transparency and control of their global payroll, while minimizing complex, error-prone manual processes.

Centralize & Automate Your Payroll

Payroll relies on data often housed in Finance and HCM systems. To transfer that data to Payroll, organizations often use time-consuming, spreadsheet-bound processes that increase the likelihood of errors and make sensitive employee information more vulnerable. When incorrect, incomplete, or mismanaged data causes payroll processing issues, managers turns to after-the-fact payroll exception reports in an effort to resolve errors that could have been prevented. The problem is that the errors have already caused delays, undeliverable payments, or worse.

With CloudPay Connect 2.0, existing HR and Finance software can integrate to CloudPay’s platform through secure web services and data exchanges - ensuring accurate, auditable, and compliant results.

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Fortify Your Compliance and Security

With every new border a company crosses, the challenge of maintaining payroll compliance gets more complex. Each country and municipal jurisdiction brings a variety of ever-changing payroll laws and regulations, and the consequences of noncompliance are steep. That’s why CloudPay’s customers rely on our platform and services. 

Our solution comes equipped with issue tracking functionality and auditable processes for SOX compliance and internal risk management. CloudPay manages the generation and submission of statutory filings and payments, providing a secure, consolidated global library for storing and accessing all compliance-related documents. We allow you to trust your payroll management with effective communication and compliance on a global scale.

Leverage Powerful Payroll Reporting & Analytics

Sophisticated multinational companies use analytics to power decision-making across almost every area of the enterprise. Their Payroll departments should be no exception. We provide global organizations with real-time intelligence on what’s happening across their entire payroll function through a unified database and reporting platform. Now, companies can experience unprecedented visibility and control of their international payroll processes and costs.

With a dashboard view of the global payroll function, organizations can monitor KPIs, assess trends, benchmark their performance, and drive broad and granular process improvements. By analyzing data within CloudPay and linking it with data from third-party HCM and ERP systems, CloudPay Analytics delivers a single version of the truth for payroll across the entire enterprise.

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Trust Our Global Payroll Experts

Consolidating a decentralized payroll landscape into a global solution is a complex initiative. Due to the number of stakeholders and systems involved, it can be easy for organizations to experience delays and rack up unnecessary costs. By combining global expertise with local knowledge, CloudPay rises to the challenge of meeting complex payroll requirements in the most efficient ways possible.

Our structured deployment model and experience navigating multiple languages and geographic requirements help organizations realize a smooth and seamless transition to CloudPay. Once you're using CloudPay's solution, our seasoned global teams help you handle every pay cycle with confidence. Our service centers are fully resourced, multilingual hubs that provide outsourced payroll processing in major economic territories, ensuring compliance with the regulatory requirements of every country in which you operate.

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International Payroll Services

Take control of your payroll operations to realize a new level of payroll efficiency and focus on your most important objectives.

We were looking for a reliable payroll solution that integrated with our existing HCM and ERP software, and simplified compliance, data management and service. CloudPay delivered on that - we use them to run payroll in over 18 countries - it is truly the first system our team enjoys using, and everyone in the organization can trust."

- Global Payroll Manager, GROUPON

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