Change Management in Global Payroll

Ensuring a seamless transition to a global solution

Change Management in Global Payroll

Change Management in Global Payroll

Change Management
In Global Payroll

Investing in organizational change is a company’s most important growth strategy. With a transformative change in Payroll, an organization can set the foundation for long-term success: Moving from a ‘decentralized’ vendor landscape to a consolidated global solution helps organizations reduce operating costs, increase efficiency and productivity, and cultivate better, more useful data.


Taking the inventory of an existing payroll landscape


Strategizing for a successful roll-out across the enterprise


Administrating a well- planned, cooperative change

PEI report V2

A New Standard for Payroll KPIs

The benchmarks and metrics presented in the Payroll Efficiency Index enable companies to approach their payroll functions with the same attention given to other aspects of enterprise operations, namely, with goals for process optimization, workflow integration, better resource management, and cost reduction.