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Webinar: How To Maximise Your Oracle Investment With Integrated Global Payroll 

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Oracle HCM and integrated global payroll: What’s possible?

When you’ve invested in a great HCM, process and set up is at the forefront of your transformation agenda. But how can you be sure you’re getting the maximum value out of your Oracle HCM? The answer – by integrating payroll with your HCM. 

You can sidestep the disconnect between HR and payroll functions with a seamless operation that can minimize your manual processes, eliminate errors and fragmented data.  

Join our webinar featuring industry experts who have ‘been there, done that’ (and survived!) as they guide you through the steps that will lead to a best-in-class global payroll integration with Oracle HCM. You’ll learn about: 

  • Customer success stories that champion change and the steps to get there 
  • Best practices for a successful integration and the pitfalls to watch out for 
  • Business advantages that can be achieved with an integrated Oracle HCM and global payroll platform – say hello to compliance controls and real time visibility and analytics! 

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About Epicenter: 

With 27 years’ experience, Epicenter provides Data Management Services to Oracle Cloud customers with dispersed System landscapes. Epicenter delivers the most robust solution which serves many Oracle HCM users across 100+ countries. CloudPay’s collaboration with Epicenter, offers you an integration designed to revolutionize your end-to-end payroll processes to new heights through the Modern Pay Experience. 

Meet Our Speakers

Sammy Molinaro | Senior Mgr. Solutions Consulting, CloudPay
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Sammy Molinaro heads up the Solutions Consulting team at CloudPay. With 20+ years’ experience in the payroll industry, Sammy has worked in both in-house and provider roles, giving him first-hand understanding of the challenges payroll professionals face. During his five years at CloudPay, Sammy has held roles in payroll operations and implementation. His focus now is on helping prospects and customers extract the full value out of CloudPay’s evolving payroll and payment offerings. 

David Docherty | Chief Commercial Officer, Epicenter

David Docherty is the Chief Commercial Officer at Epicenter, a global tech organisation specialising in integrating Oracle Cloud HCM with third-party payroll systems. With vast expertise in HR Transformation and HR Technology, David drives business growth by leveraging cutting-edge solutions and optimizing HR functions. His visionary leadership and strategic partnerships have established Epicenter as a leader in HR integration.

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