Next Generation Payroll Services

NelsonHall NEAT vendor evaluation for next generation payroll services in the overall and multi-country focus market segment

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NelsonHall NEAT Report 2019

NelsonHall NEAT Report 2019

This NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation & Assessment Tool (NEAT) analyzes the performance of vendors offering next generation payroll services. The NEAT tool allows strategic sourcing managers to assess the capability of vendors across a range of criteria and business situations and identify the best performing vendors overall, and with a specific focus on multi-country payroll services, payroll services in Asia Pacific, and in the small to medium business (SMB) market in N. America.


Payroll Services in the Overall and Multi-Country Focus market segments


NEAT graphs of vendor performance and summary analysis of CloudPay for payroll services


The latest market analysis summary for payroll services

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This report evaluates two dozen vendors on both their ‘ability to deliver immediate benefit’ and their ‘ability to meet client future requirements’, vendors are identified in one of four categories: Leaders, High Achievers, Innovators, and Major Players. Download the full report to learn more.

PEI report V2

A New Standard for Payroll KPIs

The benchmarks and metrics presented in the Payroll Efficiency Index enable companies to approach their payroll functions with the same attention given to other aspects of enterprise operations, namely, with goals for process optimization, workflow integration, better resource management, and cost reduction.