CloudPay Statement regarding recent para-military action taken by Hamas in the State of Israel and Israeli Defence Force response in the Palestian Authority Territories

It is with deep sadness that CloudPay learnt at the weekend about the escalation of violence in the Middle East.  Whilst we hope for a swift, and peaceful, cessation of the violence we also acknowledge that actions by either party involved in the armed conflict may lead to escalation of the fighting, loss of live and interruption to civil law.
There is significant uncertainty and volatility at present and also a potential risk to the operational resilience of businesses operating in Israel and neighbouring countries should cyber-activity be directed at critical infrastructure and / or telecommunications in the region.  CloudPay, and our business partners, will continue to support those customers with payrolls live in the region, and plan to implement those payrolls scheduled for deployment in the coming days, weeks and months.
If the situation changes through further violence or governmental direct instructions to businesses to suspend components of service (potentially the free-flow of financial transactions cross-border), then we will notify impacted customers and explain the options that we consider are lawful to continue supporting payrolls.  In the meantime, if you have enquiries or questions then please direct these to your Account Manager, Executive Sponsor or via 
In this time of heightened tensions, uncertainty and loss of human life for both parties involved in the current violence, and those sadly caught up in the violence, we express our condolences.