3 Reasons To Take Control of Your Payroll: Why You Should Join Our Live Demo

In the complex world we live in today, you need complete control of your payroll. Otherwise, what should be a seamless task, can easily become inefficient and overly time-consuming. Especially for global organizations, where cross-border regulation, siloed teams, and disjointed technologies can cause a major headache. CloudPay’s complete solution for global payroll helps solve all of these challenges.  

Some 45 percent of people who joined a live CloudPay demo said that lack of standardization was their biggest payroll pain. Lack of integration between HCM and payroll took second place with 32 percent choosing it as a major headache. Join our Live Demo during Global Payroll Week, on April 28, to discover of all the key innovations that our platform has to offer at a time when interlinking payroll with finance, HR, and other departments has never been more important. Discover how to get more from your data and solve admin and compliance challenges, with three vital benefits.



Global organizations can have payroll commitments almost every day, and it’s therefore critical to keep track of what is happening when, where, and involving whom. Using calendars or Excel spreadsheets to keep track of everything takes lots of management time and is prone to input or version control errors. Discover how your entire global payroll calendar can be integrated into CloudPay, giving you end-to-end visibility of all relevant tasks in one coordinated place.



Data validation is an important part of any good global payroll process, and is still a highly manual activity for many businesses. Why not let the power and consistent performance of automation take care of the heavy lifting? You’ll get to see how CloudPay can perform critical validation checks for you, with limits, caps, and tolerance levels set as required by your specification. A process that used to take hours and was still vulnerable to human fallibility can now be completed with one click.



Reporting and monitoring of payroll metrics can play a leading role in driving better long-term decisions business-wide, and gaining a true understanding of how the organization and the workforce is performing. That’s why CloudPay includes analytics functionality that can uncover key insights from your payroll data. In the demo, you’ll see how you can benchmark performance, explore trends, and use the platform to get answers to your most burning data reporting questions.

Live Demo Global Payroll Week

Find out how you can solve these challenges and more in a live demo of CloudPay’s global unified payroll platform. Register for our Live Demo on April 28, during Global Payroll Week: don't miss out - limited places available!

This blog was updated on March 11, following a live demo event on March 10.