CloudPay's September Digest: Insights from Our Partner Network

As we prepare to enter the final quarter of 2017, strategy and future planning will take a front seat in multinational organizations. For many, the focus will stay on means of increasing agility to improve performance, particularly as that applies to the continuing trend toward greater automation and a more flexible international workforce.

In this September edition of our Partner Digest, we delve into the potential of technological and software advances to not only empower customers but actually revolutionize the way we work—whether that’s together, remotely, or alongside machines. As our partners continue to blaze the uncertain trail forward, what remains clear is that accessibility, accuracy, and quality are central to everyone’s success.

Workday explains the benefits of having a single source of truth for analytics

The technological revolution still taking place among innovative multinational companies is harnessing the power of real-time, integrated data and handing the reigns over to customers. Workday’s pioneering software is fundamentally different from other HCM and finance systems in that it is one single solution—just like CloudPay’s global payroll platform is a single solution.

In a video released earlier this month, Workday’s VP of product strategy Derek Butts explains the value of using one solution to maintain a single source of truth within your organization. When it comes to analyzing and understanding your data, and then using those insights to inform goals and improve performance, having a single source of truth lets you work with the most current, accurate data in your analysis.

“It means that data can be used reliably and ubiquitously across any of Workday’s analytics and applications without any code or stitching of systems together. Our customers can surface insights in the context of where their people need it the most, embedded where they’re making critical business decisions.”

We’ll be available in Booth 402 at Workday Rising, October 9-12, to discuss your global payroll needs and how a CloudPay-Workday integration uses single-solution design and analytics to empower customers.

OSV shares how automation helps boost employee success

The potential for automation to enhance job function and even boost employee satisfaction is contributing to significant process optimization efforts around the globe. Our recent webinar on the Future of Payroll explained how automation can liberate up to 40% of payroll professionals’ time, and a recent blog post from OneSource Virtual explores the value of automating workflows in accounting.

OSV points out the ability of automation and robotics to help growing companies balance employee workloads, adjust to staffing changes, and take advantage of real-time reporting available from solutions like Workday. The blog highlights the ways automation can be a benefit, rather than a threat, to modern workers.

“At a time when people are understandably concerned about the impact of artificial intelligence and automation, it’s important to remember that tools like AP automation can equip employees to work smarter by taking on tedious manual processes, freeing them to focus on more strategic—and more meaningful—work.”

Through our recent partnership, OSV and CloudPay are looking forward to providing our global customers with comprehensive HR and international payroll services that will empower their performance. By continuing to innovate solutions for global payroll and international business services, this alliance is sure to benefit a variety of customers.

Deloitte explores the future of work and the changing workforce

As continuing advances in robotics and AI usher in the age of the augmented workforce, companies and especially global organizations are challenged with defining which tasks should be automated and which activities require a human touch. A recent post in Deloitte’s series on the future of work lays out the new reality facing HR professionals, in which they must evolve their idea of the workforce to include freelancers, ‘gig economy’ workers, and even crowds, as well as the nascent counterpart machines and software.

Deloitte’s Canadian director and partner in Human Capital, Heather Stockton, explains that although companies are adopting robotics quickly, their abilities to re-skill and reorganize effectively are trailing behind. She identifies the first necessary step as defining the difference between human skills and tasks fit for machines.

“Developing a journey map can help outline and document the actual work taking place and the tools, people, and information involved in a job. With this analysis, design thinking can then be used to assess what tasks can be outsourced and where human empathy can be enhanced and further leveraged.”

As business embraces the potential of automated workforces, Stockton emphasizes the need for cross-functionals attention and effort. To join the discussion about the changing nature of work and its implications on the international workforce and global payroll, register for our upcoming webinar on The Future of Work.

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