The First 90 Days: Guide for Global Payroll Leader

Whether you’ve just landed your first role as a global payroll lead or you’re still working your way up the leadership ladder, you’ll know the importance of making a strong start to a new position.

One popular corporate philosophy suggests the first 90 days in a leadership role are particularly important for a new incumbent, setting a three-month milestone to gain personal credibility and build key relationships.

With payroll one of the only business functions to truly touch every employee in an organization, that means a burgeoning list of stakeholders to influence, and not much time to do it.

For payroll leads brought on board to deliver a global payroll transformation project, there’s even more pressure to hit the ground running.

All of these challenges (and how to overcome them) are covered in our new ebook, “How to Thrive in your First 90 Days - Guide for Global Payroll Leaders”.




What’s in the guide?

In our 90-day guide for payroll leaders, we identify how you can create positive momentum from the outset to ultimately inspire long-term organizational change. Among the topics covered, we’ve look at:

The pitfalls of doing too much, too soon

It’s only natural that any new payroll leader will want to make their mark straight away, but we’ll show you why you shouldn’t attempt to change too much, too quickly.

Find out why your first few weeks are less about implementing changes, and more about immersing yourself in the company culture.

How to identify and build relationships with key stakeholders

Whatever objective you've set in your new role, you won’t be able to achieve it alone. It’s therefore vital to start building your relationships with key people right from day one.

For new payroll leaders spearheading a global payroll implementation project, we’ll look at how to identify and influence the program’s key stakeholders.

How to build your own 90-day plan of action

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, so to thrive in your first few months as global payroll lead, you’ll need to put a clear action plan in place.

Central to your own 90-day plan should be the identification of ‘quick wins’ - the simple payroll process improvements you can make to build instant personal credibility.

How to start delivering transformation

If you’ve been tasked with the delivery of a global payroll transformation, your first 90 days in post will be critical to the project’s success.

We’ll look at the fundamental steps you need to take in the discovery and planning phase - from building the business case and defining the project’s scope, to assembling your teams and resources.

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