Workday Rising Europe: The Highlights

Lisa Mahlum | Vice President of Alliances, CloudPay

Workday is a leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources, and CloudPay is proud to have been an official partner of Workday since 2012. As part of this long-standing partnership, we were delighted to be back as a Silver Sponsor at this year’s Workday Rising Europe event from November 15-17 at Stockholmsmässan in Stockholm, Sweden.

This year's event explored how HR and finance have played key roles in all the changes that the business world has experienced through the pandemic. As Christine Cefalo, Workday’s Chief Marketing Officer said: “It became clear that our customers weren’t just going through change, they were making it, and it was incredible to see”.

This blog showcases some of the highlights and findings from the event, so that you can stay on the pulse of everything that’s going on in the world of payroll and HR. 

Day One

Special guest Björn Ulvaeus of ABBA kicked things off, alongside confirmation from Workday that the business has been rapidly scaling in the EMEA region. Workday solutions are now used by more than 40% of the companies on both the FTSE 100 index in the UK and the DAX 40 index in Germany, and over 30% of those on the CAC 40 index in France. The total number of Workday customers in EMEA now exceeds 2000.

As part of the Workday Rising Europe Executive Programme, many attending executives were able to connect with their peers and hear from prominent business leaders. One stand-out talk came from Steven Bartlett, host of the podcast “The Diary of a CEO”, speaking about the importance of having purpose in the business world. In his words: “You actually have to reverse engineer your company culture from what your company set out to achieve in the world. Your company culture shouldn't be plucked from thin air: it should be ingrained in your mission and what you're trying to achieve.”



Day Two

Workday’s Co-CEO Chano Fernandez added some extra insight in his Innovation Keynote on the Wednesday morning. He paid tribute to the payroll and HR practitioners who have navigated the economic, political, and social challenges of the changing world to “help their organizations create the future of work”. 

Fernandez also announced that Workday’s weekly maintenance window would be reduced from four hours to three hours, effective from February 1, 2023: “This move enables us to continuously drive forward together, on the same version of our platform, always. We’re excited to speed up this process so you can focus your time on delivering for your customers and making an impact.”

Later in the day, Workday’s Chief Strategy Officer Pete Schlampp “discussed how the pace of change has accelerated significantly over the last few years”. He announced that Workday is expanding its Industry Accelerators program to Europe, beginning with the UK market and the banking and insurance industries, with others to follow.

The day was wrapped up with the release of Workday research on diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI), which found that the majority of global organizations are investing in DEI, but are doing so without having or using data to drive related strategies and business impact.

Day Three

The final day focused on the ‘changemakers’ in the workday community who are driving ahead at a time of great change and unpredictability. One fascinating conversation came from Richard Doherty, senior director of solution marketing at Workday; Tim Good, senior managing director at Accenture; and Josh Bersin, the founder and CEO of The Josh Bersin Company. They discussed the vital importance of moving towards skills-based people strategies, and how changemakers stand out by learning and providing the tools and initiatives for education.

CloudPay had its own part to play on the last day with our live presentation, “The future of pay is on demand”. We shared research that found that 80% of employees would use on-demand pay facilities, and highlighted how forward-thinking employers are taking full advantage to get ahead in the talent management and retention stakes. At the ‘lightning session’  Stuart Gaston debunked the most common myths around Earned Wage Access and the employee expectations of pay flexibility were emphasized.


In summary

It was an honor for CloudPay to take part in Workday Rising Europe once again, as both a sponsor and contributor. And thanks to our strong integration with Workday, we’re able to play a leading role in making payroll and HR a catalyst for change in businesses all over the world. 

Lisa Mahlum | Vice President of Alliances, CloudPay