István Zentai

Senior Director Customer Success

Senior Director Customer Success

Team: Global Operations 

Location: Hungary 

Joined CloudPay: March 2021 


What does your job involve?  

I manage a team of 20 account managers and associate account managers as well as the Tier 1 (customer support) team which is 14 colleagues in size. Our ultimate goal is to keep our existing customers happy, so they stay with us and recommend CloudPay to their peers. We basically engage with our customers on 2 levels: 


  • Service Delivery
    Act as single-point-of-contact for customers’ global / regional leads, adherence to contract and changes thereto, performance reporting and review, monitor timely ticket response, highest level of escalation 


  • Customer Relationship
    Build and maintain, QBRs / ABRs, NPS survey results follow-up 


How would you describe the culture at CloudPay? 

I would say it’s open and diverse. Peoples’ ideas are welcomed and do not end up in a drawer. There is lot of diversity in Cloudpay, with colleagues from various professional backgrounds and with different nationalities. 


What do you enjoy about your job? 

We are kind of “the voice of the customer”. I get a lot of freedom in how to translate this “voice” into how we shape the future of pay through our products and processes. 


Why would you recommend CloudPay as somewhere to work? 

If you like a rapidly growing, fast changing, diverse and fun environment, then Cloudpay is the place to be. 

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