Valerie Shourie

Senior Product Owner

Senior Product Owner

Team: Product 

Location: USA 

Joined CloudPay: July 2015 


What does your job involve?  

I build products from existing ideas and collaborate with stakeholders to gather requirements for upcoming projects that meet user and business requirements. I communicate with all areas of the company providing training aids and documentation for my product releases, partnering with developers translating requirements and designing a plan for iterative releases. 


How would you describe the culture at CloudPay?  

OMG… I love it… I do…

One of the most amazing things about Cloudpay is its ease of talking to anyone in the company without the heaviness of a title. You can meet with a VP or a Developer, and the feeling is the same…teamwork. You can reach anyone and have a response, collaboration, and suggestions. Cloudpay is a company where being part of the team to work together and move forward is a reality. 


What do you enjoy about your job?  

New ideas, working with stakeholders…everything! 


Why would you recommend CloudPay as somewhere to work?   

I’ve been involved in Product for the past four years and with Cloudpay for eight years. I think this company’s strength is the diversity of skillsets and backgrounds that are invited into its fold. I genuinely believe Cloudpay is a unique company; I admire its style, achievements, and industry role. 


While I realize the necessity of hard work and commitment, I loved what our CEO said recently about how one of the company’s core values is maintaining its employees’ mental health and creativity as its primary source of productivity. I admire that approach and combine that with a good work ethic. 

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