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Technology & Engineering at CloudPay

Featured in The Software Report’s Top 100 Software Companies, CloudPay has a long history of innovation, from our first payroll solution back in 1996 to our current range of market-leading global payroll and FinTech products, used by 1500+ companies worldwide.

Our technology teams are always looking for new ways to develop and deliver our products. We do this by empowering our developers, giving them access to world-class tools, and training our managers to trust and motivate their teams.

Engineering Team

CloudPay is now well on the journey from startup to enterprise and our engineering teams look after every single aspect of that growth, from automation tools to build and remotely support hundreds of laptops up to multi-year projects to move all of our services to the cloud.

We run 15 agile software teams in a deep partnership with the Product group and support vast numbers of projects simultaneously whilst keeping secure and stable for thousands of users.


Gareth Hughes, CTO




Product Team

As Product enthusiasts, we combine skills from a variety of disciplines, including Product Management, Design, Creative, Data Analysis and more, to help us discover the challenges that our customers face, prioritise opportunities to be addressed, and ultimately partner with the engineering teams to deliver solutions that move our customers and colleagues forward. To achieve this, we’ve brought together a diverse team, with a variety of backgrounds, who like to challenge the status-quo, discover


Matthew Hillier, VP, Products

Employee Testimonials

"Working at CloudPay helped me learn that I am not just the skills that I have. With tasks that constantly challenged my abilities, I was enabled to explore other methodologies in looking into how I can accomplish my tasks."

Zid Haron - Technical Lead at CloudPay

"The finest place to work is at CloudPay, which has a remarkable culture that rewards employees. People are very helpful and friendly. The work-life balance and the countless opportunities this place provides are what I really enjoy about it."

Jan Errol Espinosa - Senior QA Engineer