CloudPay Simplifies Global Payroll with Launch of CloudPay Control 2.0

New Capabilities and Enhanced Global Payroll Processing Metrics Give Multi-national Companies Greater Control Over Complex Payroll Activities

RALEIGH, N.C. and LONDON, U.K. (September 2, 2015)CloudPay, the world’s only cloud-based platform for integrated global payroll and payments, today announced the release of CloudPay Control 2.0, the latest iteration of its advanced solution designed to facilitate the numerous complexities involved with global payroll processing and provide multi-national organization’s with insight into key metrics to drive continuous performance and efficiencies.

Global payroll delivery encompasses a great deal of interactions between various people and processes, whether customers, CloudPay’s service delivery and payroll partner teams, and various departments and systems, while contending with specific customer and country payroll requirements. Since its launch in 2014, CloudPay Control has helped countless multi-national organizations overcome these challenges, combining all steps of a multi-country payroll workflow automatically, all on a single cloud-based platform. As a result, all global-, country- and customer-specific workflow processes are brought together into a seamless process, managed through a single cloud-based platform, while delivering key payroll performance data to customers on every step of the payroll process, for every country, each month.

As payroll processing continues to evolve and the payroll support needs of customers continue to change, CloudPay remains committed to introducing new features to keep up with this dynamic landscape and meet customer demand for enhanced global payroll capabilities. With the introduction of CloudPay Control 2.0, CloudPay greatly expands the functionality of the solution, delivering several new enhancements that allow multi-national companies to make even more payroll process improvements, and gain greater visibility and control over global payroll. Highlights of the latest release include:

  • CloudPay Control Tasks: With the ability to design complex payroll checklists themselves, users gain even greater, more relevant insight and visibility to ensure each step of the payroll process is handled in a timely manner and by the appropriate resource.
  • Post-approval Performance: CloudPay has extended its performance rating capabilities beyond just mid-processing errors to include any post-approval issue that is identified or reported, including errors or issues with payments, payslips and general ledger files.
  • Calendar Events Performance: CloudPay Control 2.0 users will now benefit from greater insight into each step of the payroll process, including key global events, in addition to the standard data, for each payroll run. This provides an intuitive display of each step that must occur during payroll delivery and who is responsible for completing each task, enabling users to see where delays may have occurred and where time has been recovered.
  • Monthly Payroll Performance Metrics: Customers also receive detailed monthly payroll performance metrics reports, providing a high level of insight into their current processes and helping them identify areas for improvement.

“As more multi-national organizations find themselves struggling to keep up with the multitude of tasks involved with compensating their global employees, CloudPay seeks to continually introduce new efficiencies to improve the payroll process,” said Andrew Pearson, CEO of CloudPay. “CloudPay is the only company offering a true integrated cloud-based global payroll platform, and with the launch of CloudPay Control 2.0, we can provide our clients with new capabilities unavailable from any other provider in the space.”

Pearson continued, “From delivering unprecedented insight into payroll performance data and helping our customers better manage global payroll, to offering brand new, advanced functionality to provide greater visibility into all associated partners and activities, CloudPay remains committed to introducing the innovations that transform the entire payroll function.”

About CloudPay

CloudPay is the world’s only cloud-based platform for integrated global payroll and payments processing, collaboration and delivery. We believe that collaboration and integration are the only ways to address the complex and valuable challenge of how to manage global payroll and payments. We’re creating market leading technology and using payroll expertise and knowledge to revolutionize payroll and payments for multi-national organizations. CloudPay enables multi-national organizations to improve business performance through greater fiscal control, see people costs through enhanced visibility, assure local and global compliance, and reduce payroll and payment operational costs. For more information about CloudPay, please or visit us on Twitter @CloudPay.

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