Global Payroll and Payments Compliance

Your payrolls, payments and pay on-demand benefits – all delivered compliantly according to your company’s requirements. And your employees’ data – kept secure and confidential. 

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Take confidence in your compliance

You don’t want to think you’re on top of global payroll and payments compliance. You need to know you are.  

As well as sharing and reducing your compliance burden, CloudPay can support changes to circumstances as your business grows, as legislation evolves and as your employees’ appetite for different benefits increases.

Our experienced specialists provide you with a global framework that truly takes the guesswork out of payroll compliance. 

Build your business advantage 

For those with the right global partner, payroll and pay compliance can become a vital source of strategic insight. 

CloudPay’s expertise and unified pay and payroll solution allows you to…

Optimize reporting

Optimize your financial reporting with real-time data, analytics and internal audit visibility.

Reduce manual errors

Reduce your manual compliance errors with powerful workflow automations and data standardization.

Check data in real-time

Use Robotic Data Validation as a real-time safety net, flagging incorrect or missing information to help you avoid compliance breaches.

Standardize processes

Streamline your risk management with standardized processes across all your countries.

Monitor worldwide statuses

Monitor all your global payrolls compliance statuses; view schedules and filing deadlines at a glance, and address issues as they arise.

Focus on valuable areas

Focus your resources with an almost touchless system for simple tasks, while your teams tackle complex, higher value priorities.

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Different countries have diverse laws, rules, and competence levels among teams. Thus, managing payroll across regions becomes difficult as you are managing multiple stakeholders at the same time.

– HR Leader, Global consumer packaged goods and retail company

Reaping the Benefits of Unified Pay Solutions, Everest Group

Read the full report here

Do these struggles sound familiar?

Let’s face it – global pay and payroll compliance is not easy.  

Managing and expanding your global operations across all your territories comes with a host of compliance obligations (creating potential pitfalls) for your HR, finance and payroll teams. 

We imagine you’ll be familiar with some (if not all) of these compliance challenges…

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Ever-changing international regulations

Each country you operate in has its own set of – often very complex, and frequently changing – payroll, taxation and employment laws.

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Admin volume and filing deadlines

Complex employment regulations come with a daunting list of administrative tasks, such as managing recorded hours, calculations for tax and local governance procedures.

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An increasingly flexible global workforce

Ever-changing payroll, salary and benefits workloads are amplified by remote and hybrid working, plus the increase in freelancers, independent contractors and interim staff.


Network connection security risks

Any internet connections handling payroll-related data must comply with local regulations – complicated by varying levels of security robustness from an increasingly flexible global workforce.


Increasing data protection requirements

Increases in data protection and privacy regulations have made risk management and international payroll compliance an even higher priority, whilst becoming increasingly complex.

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Safeguarding your employee experience

Incorrect payroll records, late tax filings or salary payments can all cause serious engagement problems – resulting in employees far less attuned to what they should be doing.

Ready to master payroll and payments compliance? 

If you’re ready to reduce the burden of compliance challenges – and benefit from the support of experts who do this all day, every day – you’ve come to the right place.

What does CloudPay bring to the table? 

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The right technology 

A unified global eco-system 

CloudPay’s global cloud-based platform acts as a single access point for integrating various systems, with a standardized data format working international boundaries.  
We automate selected compliance-related tasks such as internal audits, streamlining and simplifying your global compliance while providing real-time data and analytics.

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The right people
Local expertise and knowledge

Developing and maintaining an understanding of a new market’s regulations and tax laws requires a significant investment of time and effort. 
CloudPay’s local teams’ first-hand knowledge and experience delivering fully compliant payroll – in all your international territories – can transform your compliance confidence. 

CloudPay’s centralized global compliance framework ensures confidence across all your international pay services; we give you complete visibility into all statutory guidelines and tax requirements, with unparalleled transparency into filing schedules and statuses. 

Our service comes equipped with issue-tracking functionality and auditable processes for SOX compliance and internal risk management. 

We take the stress and guesswork out of your global payroll compliance, so you can get on with what you do. 

Your data in our (very) safe hands 

Data privacy and cyber-security issues from multiple global payroll systems have the potential to cause significant problems for any business.

We get it. 

That’s why our proactive issue-resolution and top-tier security protocols – backed by decades of experience in global compliance – are in place to put those concerns to rest. 

We work to the highest levels of compliance and information security; rest assured that your data is safe in our (certifiably) secure hands. 

CloudPay’s business assurance model 

To keep your data safe and mind at ease, our global teams and dedicated Data Protection Officer cover the whole risk and governance spectrum: 

  • Business assurance; compliance; risk management; prevention of financial crime; business continuity; internal audit
  • ISO27001 – Information security management
  • ISO27017 – Cloud services security
  • ISO27018 – Personally Identifiable Information (PII) cloud services security
  • SOC1 Type II – Customer financial reporting internal controls
  • Data privacy and protection; GDPR adherence
  • Network architecture and infrastructure, information security and disaster recovery
  • International data transfers, and interpretation of customer employee data use legislation
  • Anti-Money Laundering 
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Ask our team for more information

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Where to next?

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