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All your payrolls. Everywhere in the world. Viewed, managed and analysed through a single, unified ecosystem.  

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Bring your world of global payroll together

Managing your end-to-end global payroll function effectively requires real-time visibility into what’s happening – and why – in every country you operate in.

We have created our platform to do exactly that. 

  • Unify and streamline your teams; remove inefficiencies and focus on strategic, value-adding tasks 
  • Enjoy global visibility – all your payroll data, in every single country, in a single unified ecosystem 
  • Add strategic value to your business with industry-leading analytics, reporting and benchmarking
  • Harmonize all your global payroll processing – work with standardized data formats, worldwide 
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Unleash the power of automation

Our platform brings you some of the latest advances in automation to provide you with complete visibility and invaluable strategic insights – for all your payroll and payments processes – everywhere you operate. We deliver all this through one streamlined, globally standardized platform.

Automate your data validation

Our automated integration and validation process ensures that all incoming data is present and in the correct format, as well as automatically validating at the end of the pay period – saving you the time and stress of manual approvals. 

Reduce your repetitive tasks

Give your teams time back in their diaries by automating repetitive manual tasks, allowing them to focus on higher value work – our platform’s automation processes let you deploy your resources more strategically. 

Explore our platform modules



At the core of the CloudPay ecosystem, our Payroll module is where we load and integrate all of your payroll data; process, approve, and provide reporting data on your payrolls – all with standardized input formats and workflows for the same experience in every single country. 

  • See overviews and compare all your global payrolls, including current pay cycle status 
  • Drill into your payroll details for real-time, on-demand reports
  • Easily assign and re-allocate tasks if needed using our Service Centre 


Our Analytics module is fed into by data from the whole CloudPay eco-system, providing insight and intelligence on all your payroll data for global visibility of payroll and costs.

Our continuous data review grants you accuracy, timeliness, and efficiency benefits while empowering you with easily digestible strategic analysis – in globally standardized reporting formats. 

  • Enhance the strategic value of payroll in your organization by providing powerful ROI metrics 
  • Benchmark and compare your payroll performance against CloudPay’s anonymized customer data 
  • Design your own dashboards, or make use of our extensive pre-configured reporting solutions


Our Calendar module is a digital workflow and scheduling tool that allows you to build consolidated views with complete transparency of all your global payroll tasks and events in one place. 

We work collaboratively with you to define and agree all the required tasks or events that need to occur throughout a pay cycle – showing who needs to complete each task and by when. 

  • Intuitive filters allow you to view only the most relevant data you need 
  • View-sharing function allows your teams to easily collaborate where required 
  • Global standardization ensures that core payroll events – cut-off date, processing and approval – are the same for every country, improving visibility and efficiency for your teams. 


Our Collaborate module, powered by Zendesk technology, is uniquely designed to foster a direct and efficient communication channel between you and the dedicated experts managing your service delivery.  

Unlike traditional support systems, Collaborate minimizes the need for multiple support tickets by initiating a centralized conversation for each service delivery, involving all key participants.  

This integrated conversation is seamlessly tied to your workflow, ensuring you are always updated with the latest dialogue before taking any action – allowing you to focus on meaningful collaboration and swift resolutions, rather than navigating through a myriad of support tickets. 

Our Collaborate module also contains our Knowledge Base, filled with documentation and support resources to help you get the most out of the CloudPay platform. 


Our Projects module – powered by – exists specifically to ensure that your on-boarding process is as smooth and seamless as possible. This is where we define and document all the tasks needed to set up or transfer your payroll from your current provider over to CloudPay. 

As part of our collaboration with you, we agree and track clear responsibility for each activity, deliverable and timeline, for each stage of your implementation process. This helps us stay in sync throughout the entire project and keep everyone on track. 

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[A unified pay solution] streamlines all payroll processes through a unified, automated platform, offering enhanced data visibility and control. This approach not only reduces errors but also minimizes total processing time.

Reaping the Benefits of Unified Pay Solutions, Everest Group

Read the full report here

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