Global HCM and
payroll integrations

Your worlds of HR and global pay, seamlessly connected and globally unified, maximizing your HCM investment

Global HCM and payroll integrations Global HCM and payroll integrations HCM integrations 1

Integration experts who’ve seen it all

Our experienced and friendly team has overseen more than 2,000 integrations between our platform and our HCM technology partners.

We know the HCM integration process inside and out, and our managed service – and our market-leading platform – combine to truly transform the way your people are paid.

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Ready to get the most out of your HCM system?

Integrating your HCM system with your global payroll brings a host of game-changing benefits across your entire business. 

With a CloudPay payroll integration, you can benefit from…

A single source of information…

…to unify your payroll and HR operations, resulting in automated workflows, centralized processes, global visibility, and reduced IT overheads

Real-time, global analytics…

…to unlock the strategic value of your payroll, make informed decisions, identify cost-savings and provide accurate financial information

Reduced compliance risks…

…with centralized and automated processes that keep you up to date with local regulations

Business growth and scalability…

…supported by increasing adoption and engagement of your HCM platform, maximizing its value and your return on investment 

Enhanced employee experience…

…with improved visibility of pay and benefits for your international workforce

Does this sound familiar?

If your HCM and payroll systems are working in silo, you’ll be no stranger to the endless lack-of-cohesion-headache…

Fragmented data, overly complicated workflows, lack of visibility, disconnected teams, laborious manual tasks, disjointed and error-prone processes.

Every month, you’re losing time, money and patience. 

You feel like you might not even be close to maximizing your HCM’s potential and you know that there’s a better way to do things, but with tight resources and constant pressure, where would you even start?

How about a friendly conversation with experts who do this everyday… 

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Ready to explore your HCM integration options? 

If you’re ready to discuss your options for integrating your payroll with your HCM, our team of experts is ready to help – simply contact us to get started. 

Why invest in HCM / payroll integration?

Your burning question: what value will integrating your HR and payroll systems give you and your business? 

We’re so glad you asked… 


Reduce your touchpoints,
errors and risk

Get your teams focused on high-value tasks by dramatically reducing manual touchpoints (and risk), while championing cross-department efficiencies, optimized productivity and resource-spend ROI.

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Strengthen your
process control, globally

Create repeatable, standardized efficiency across your workflows and countries with one single source of data. Access date, time and user-stamped audit trails, enhancing your process control, compliance and security.

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Maximize the value
of your HCM system

Maximize adoption and ensure the highest possible return on your investment. Drive all your admin employee users to your HCM, with CloudPay-generated payslips available to your staff in your HR system (where available).

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Dramatically enhance your efficiency levels

Drive payroll operation efficiencies with one system – standardized processes and consolidated data sets, in one place and one format, ensure a single seamless flow of data.

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Support business
growth and scalability

Continuously improve your agility as your business expands into new territories – free up your time to focus on specific local requirements, knowing that the huge majority of your process can simply be replicated.

No more last-minute payroll panics

You’ve got better things to do than manually submit data and chase errors, resulting in delays in every pay cycle.

Our experts know – first-hand – how complicated and inefficient this can be. 

So, we do things better

Most payroll providers’ platforms will send HCM data only once per pay period (typically just before the payroll is processed) and their data files have to be manually processed. 
Our platform runs daily integrations, meaning we stay on top of validations and remain in sync with your HR platform. We know – and notify you – about any missing or incorrect data throughout the pay period, avoiding last-minute corrections in processing your payroll.

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Payroll and HCM integration – what you need to know 

There are several crucial considerations when planning an integration between your HCM system and your payroll.

You’ll need to know how to: 

  • Define your desired outcomes 
  • Thoroughly audit your current situation and systems 
  • Engage your internal stakeholders 
  • Prepare, clean and structure your data 
  • Allocate sufficient resources and expertise 
  • Define your rollout ‘waves’ 
  • Plan relevant real-world testing 
  • Deliver effective change-management… 
  • …all while avoiding conflicting business interests 

We know. That’s a lot to think about.  

Fortunately, our payroll experts can guide you through it all – and then work with you to deliver it all. 

Ask our team for more information 

Want to learn more about our HCM integrations? Send us your query and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Where to next?

Finished exploring our HCM integrations process and the CloudPay platform?  

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