Pay On-Demand

Amplify your employee experience by giving your staff access to their earned wages – giving them control on when and how they are paid. 

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Empower your employees with payment flexibility 

You deserve a benefit that supports the financial wellness of your entire global workforce – provide instant access to the pay your staff have earned. CloudPay’s Pay On-Demand solution removes the constraints of waiting for payday, revolutionizing the increasingly outdated idea of a fixed pay period.

Your global pay on-demand services – why choose CloudPay? 

An on-demand pay benefit can be the difference between someone in your business having enough money to get through the month or not.

We’re proud to offer a benefit service that distinguishes you as an employer, and makes a real difference to your employees… 

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Benefit your entire workforce
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Easy set-up, minimal admin
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Easily manageable configuration
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Instant access to earned pay
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Avoid credit checks and payday loans
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Employee financial freedom

Back your benefits with industry expertise

Seamlessly managed through our single ecosystem, CloudPay’s Pay On-Demand solution is backed up by our payroll and salary payment services and expertise, with online access to our customer service experts directly through the CloudPay NOW app.

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As you’ll know all too well, implementing and managing global benefits consumes a huge amount of your time, effort and patience…let alone finding meaningful benefits. As talent-sourcing becomes increasingly competitive, failing to attract the right people – or losing the ones you have – is a very real problem.

If only there was a global employee benefits solution – with proven positives for employees – that HR and Recruitment specialists could deploy, rapidly and easily… 

…there is. It’s Pay On-Demand from CloudPay. Let’s talk.

CloudPay’s Pay On-Demand service – what’s in it for you?

As well as providing a highly valuable benefit to help build your teams (our adoption rate is a whopping 45% on average!), our on-demand pay can be a genuine financial lifeline for your employees.

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Benefit your
entire workforce

You can offer our Pay On-Demand service as a consistent global benefit – no matter where your employees are based, you provide instant access to earned pay for your entire international workforce.

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Easy set-up,
minimal admin

Our Pay On-Demand service is simple to set up, and our managed service takes care of the background work – keeping your payroll cycles rolling with minimal admin and making life easy for your teams.

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Easily manageable configuration

You remain in control by applying your own business rules to our service; set limits and restrictions to manage the funds your employees have access to.

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Instant access
to earned pay

Your employees can access their money as soon as they’ve earned it; they simply request their wages through the CloudPay NOW app and get paid directly to their debit or credit card (in as little as 30 seconds).

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Avoid credit checks
and payday loans

Support the financial wellbeing of your workforce by reducing the need for short-term funding such as payday loans – with on-demand pay, your employees are simply receiving their own earned wages in real-time.

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Employee financial freedom

By granting your employees the ability to select when they are paid, you remove their burden of needing to make paychecks stretch across the entire month. 

How does CloudPay’s Pay On-Demand service work? 

Pay On-Demand can be provided as a standalone product, or as an addition to CloudPay’s Payroll and Payment services. 

Our Pay On-Demand solution is delivered through the CloudPay NOW mobile app and managed by our service teams. We have partnered with Visa to deliver our on-demand pay solution using card payment technology, dramatically reducing the time it takes for employees to receive their pay. 

Whereas other providers of Earned Wage Access use traditional banking technologies and virtual cards to make (much slower) payments, CloudPay and Visa’s innovative solution allows your employees to access the wages they’ve earned in a matter of seconds. 

1. Pay-to-card technology

We use our CloudPay NOW app as the vehicle to deliver your pay on-demand service and make instant payments directly to your employees’ cards.
We can do this for your entire workforce across the world – accurately and instantly – as a pay-to-card transaction via the card rails network. We have pioneered this payment service through our long-established partnership with Visa, utilizing their OCT (Original Card Transaction) technology.  
Leveraging Visa’s state-of-the-art global security and compliance controls, we make real-time, easily-traceable, push-mechanism payments across the single, secure, Visa Direct global network.

2. Collecting and storing card details securely

As with everything else we do at CloudPay, when it comes to your people’s card details, we take your data privacy and personal details extremely seriously. 
Card details are securely collected via the CloudPay NOW app through our integrated PCI DSS compliant Payment Service Providers (PSP), Checkout and Nuvei. Card details pass 3DS checks and are stored securely as tokenised entities, so only need to be collected once. 
Employees self-serve by entering their own card details and can easily make updates without input from your payroll or HR teams.  

3. Making payments

Payments are processed through our integrated PSPs Checkout and Nuvei, utilising Visa’s Original Card Transaction (OTC) technology.  Once an employee’s card is stored on the platform, we can process payments at the employee’s request from their earned wages via the app.

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Discuss your pay on-demand needs with our team 

Want to learn more about our Pay On-Demand solution? Send us your query and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

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CloudPay NOW App

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