CloudPay culture

At the heart of CloudPay’s culture is the continual desire to create a great workplace.

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Our environment

Our teams strive to build an environment where everyone – regardless of their role or location – is valued, heard, inspired, and encouraged to bring their authentic selves to work.

To support our people, and help everyone get the most out of their time here, we are dedicated to…

A flexible and supportive environment

Our technical systems and supportive culture allow our employees to work from all over the world, seamlessly integrating and collaborating with both colleagues and clients, wherever they are based. Some of our staff are based at our 10 office locations, while many others work remotely or enjoy a hybrid approach; this supports healthy work-life balances, while allowing everyone to work in the most productive way.

A diverse culture

Our welcoming environment has created a diverse workforce – one that celebrates diversity and encourages individuals from different backgrounds and experiences to join the CloudPay Team. We work hard to cultivate a culture that drives both business growth and individual success, where our employees can thrive, feel valued, and achieve great things.

Employee wellbeing

It’s very important to us that our employee’s wellbeing is prioritized at CloudPay; we provide access to a wellbeing community for all our employees, as well as a subscription to the Calm app. We also know there’s more to life than work – we organize regular social and team-building events across all regions to bring our people together.

Giving back

As an environmentally responsible employer, we support local charity events throughout the year. We also encourage our employees to volunteer for a charity of their choice for two days per year.

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Meet our people

If you want to know what it’s really like to work at CloudPay, who better to ask than our people?! 

Explore insights from our incredible team members and leaders, from different departments, all over the world… 

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We are professional

Serving all stakeholders with integrity in the pursuit of excellence.

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Driven by passion

Delivering on our commitments with energy, tenacity
and enthusiasm.

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We are empowered

Encouraging our team to make responsible decisions and take accountability.

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Dedicated to innovating

Transforming the status quo by improving our service and our technology.

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Built on teamwork

Achieving our vision through thoughtful collaboration and teamwork.

Interested in joining the CloudPay Team?

Be sure to explore our open job vacancies around the world…

Our teams

Supported by a number of additional departments and functions, our core teams support our customers all over the world.

Technology and Engineering

Our technology teams are always looking for new ways to develop and deliver our products. We do this by empowering our developers, giving them access to world-class tools, and training our managers to trust and motivate their teams.

As CloudPay has developed into one of the world’s leading providers of payroll, payments and pay-on-demand services, our engineering teams have looked after every single aspect of that growth (and they continue to do so!). This has included everything from development of automation tools to building and remotely supporting hundreds of laptops, not to mention numerous multi-year projects to move all of our services to the cloud.

We run 15 agile Software teams in a deep partnership with the Product group; together we support vast numbers of projects simultaneously while keeping thousands of users secure and stable.


As product enthusiasts, we combine skills from a variety of disciplines, including Product Management, Design, Creative, Data Analysis and more.

Our vast range of experience – coupled with curiosity and tenacity – helps us discover the challenges faced by our payroll and payments customers. We can then prioritise opportunities to be addressed and ultimately partner with the Engineering teams to deliver solutions that move our customers and colleagues forward.

To achieve this, we’ve brought together a diverse team, with a variety of backgrounds, who like to challenge the status-quo.


The CloudPay Operations team is focused on delivering best in class service to our global customer base.

Working from offices all around the world, we use our state-of-the-art payroll and payments platform to deliver a single user experience with local expertise, always putting the customer front and center.


The Onboarding team is a highly driven group with a strong functional background in project management, payroll, integration and payment services. We recruit varying levels of experience from within and outside of the industry and encourage learning and development through the career framework.

The teams work with our customers and service partners to understand their requirements using a structured, phased and tightly managed approach to ensure a smooth and seamless transition. They are delivery- and quality-focused, always looking for the right solution and ensuring customer satisfaction every step of the way.

Using their knowledge and experience, they provide invaluable advice and guidance both internally and externally. They strive for continuous improvement by using lessons learnt from the onboarding process, collaboration with other departments and new technology.

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Where to next?


Our managed Payroll solution, delivered by our experts via our market-leading platform, gives you global unity and visibility.

Pay On-Demand

Our global Pay On-Demand solution gives your employees access to the wages they’ve earned, when they need them.


Our platform provides standardized data and visibility to manage all your global pay services in a single ecosystem.

CloudPay NOW App

Our app gives your staff instant access to earned income for our Pay On-Demand solution, plus a range of wellbeing content.

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