Delivering your managed pay services

Let us transform your global pay services – from getting you set up with our onboarding process and HCM integrations, to upholding rigorous standards of worldwide compliance

….all delivered through our platform and employee app.

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Service built around your needs

When we deliver your managed payroll, payments and pay on-demand services, we support you every step of the way. Our experts will be by your side as you implement best practices, navigate change, and optimize operations.

Communications access to everyone you need

Unlike some (actually, most) payroll providers, we don’t believe it’s helpful to restrict your communications access… 
Most vendors will limit your abilities to talk to international service partners – essentially cutting you off from their expertise when you need it – forcing you instead to route all your communications through the payroll provider.  
We fully understand how frustrating such delays can be, and we appreciate how many conversations and questions are needed to successfully complete a pay cycle. So, we make things easy.
Our standardized platform and service provide a built-in communication channel where everyone involved in running your payroll – including your service partners – is active, as well as saving all your pay cycle communication threads (great for future query-resolution or giving historic context to new team members).
We still manage the partner relationships and oversee the entire process, but we make sure you can speak directly with whoever you need, whenever you need to.

Your bespoke one-to-one review program

A personalized data and analytics one-to-one review session. Every pay period. Just for you… 
We provide the data you need to make payroll more strategic within your business. But we don’t just leave you to wade through it on your own. 
As part of your managed service, we hold a review session with you after every single pay period. Our experts will work directly with you to review insights from your pay data; we’ll discuss ways to continually improve your CloudPay experience and add real, strategic value to your payroll and payment services.

Explore our technology…

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The CloudPay Platform

We deliver your managed pay solutions through our global platform, providing you with standardized data and global visibility in a comprehensive, intuitive, single ecosystem. 

The CloudPay NOW app

Our employee app allows your people to access a portion of their earned income when you utilize our Pay On-Demand solution, as well as providing a range of wellbeing content.

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Discover how we work with you…

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