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Easy, automated and on-demand – the ultimate
employee pay experience app for your global workforce.

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Empower your employees

Getting paid accurately, on-time and conveniently is more important than ever to your global workforce.

CloudPay NOW lets you exceed employee pay flexibility expectations, by delivering dynamic payments and financial benefits through the convenience of a mobile app.

It’s a low-cost, high-value employee benefit to help you, as a progressive employer, attract and retain top talent and positively impact your workforce’s financial wellbeing.

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Payslips and documents

Give employees self-service previews and downloads through the app

Employee wellbeing

Offer employees guides and resources on financial wellbeing

Pay on-demand

Give employees on-demand, instant access to their earned pay

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Real-time support

Real-time support is offered to all users within the app via a chatbot

Localized content

Update global users with information relevant to where they live

Regular updates

We’re continually adding new experience-enhancing features to the app

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Pay On-Demand at your fingertips

Our CloudPay NOW mobile app is the delivery platform for our Pay On-Demand solution.

Give your international workforce on-demand access to their earned pay in a matter of seconds, in addition to wellbeing content, user support, real-time chat, and access to payslips.

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CloudPay NOW – good for you…

As part of our unified ecosystem, CloudPay NOW integrates fully with our Payroll and Payment solutions.

For HR professionals

We know that finding the right benefits – that really matter to your employees – is no easy feat.

That’s why we’re delighted that CloudPay NOW supports you with:

  • Attracting and retaining talent, by granting the truly valuable benefit of instant access to wages
  • Giving your employees more control over their finances, avoiding the need for payday loans and credit checks
  • Boosting your employee experience with simple, intuitive and flexible pay

For payroll professionals

We understand how valuable your time is, and how vital it is to optimize your teams’ efficiency.

We’re delighted to make your life easier with CloudPay NOW by:

  • Easing pressure on your team to manually process salary advance requests
  • Removing the need for supplement pay runs when your employees choose their pay dates
  • Giving back up to 3 days in your payroll calendar by paying your employees instantly through card rails
  • Reducing manual payslip and document requests by providing access through the app

… and good for your people

Give your staff a choice over how to meet their financial commitments, and the ability to meet unexpected bills or expenses.

For your employees…

We understand how important choice and flexibility are when it comes to personal finances.

We’re delighted that CloudPay NOW can support true financial wellbeing by:

  • Providing instant on-demand access to earned wages 
  • Improving financial knowledge with built-in tools and resources
  • Reducing stress and anxiety caused by cashflow issues 
  • Helping avoid payday loans and credit checks 
  • Tackling unexpected expenses without incurring debt 
  • Avoiding the need to request salary advances 

Senior Director of Payroll & People Operations

As a payroll group, CloudPay NOW is something we can bring to the table to support our employees.


How does CloudPay NOW work?

CloudPay NOW leverages our partnership with Visa – and a revolution in digital card payment technology – to deliver our Pay On-Demand solution, supported through our global managed service.

Employees are paid directly to a card or virtual wallet, bringing forward your payroll cut-off date by reducing the payment timeline (from days to a matter of seconds).

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Want to see CloudPay NOW in action?

Request a demonstration to see just how much our employee mobile app can do for you.

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