Modernise The Pay Experience with CloudPay NOW

Modernise the pay experience by giving your employees flexibility and choice 

The CloudPay NOW mobile app has evolved into a comprehensive employee pay and benefits app, delivering a wide range of features beyond its initial Earned Wage Access offering. 

And, we’re continually adding new features to the app to enhance the experience for both employers and employees, giving you flexibility and choice and improving the employee experience.


Access to payslips

It’s now possible to give employees access to their payslips through the CloudPay NOW app.  This feature is available (on request) to any of our new and existing payroll customers. Not just those with EWA.

We know employees struggle to find their payslips and other pay documents, so we’re making it easier for them, and employers too, by offering this new feature along with a range of other benefits via our app.  

CloudPay is unique in providing this service globally, in one easy-to-use app., allowing companies to give employees easy access to all their payroll and pay services in one place. This includes:

  • Payslips
  • Wellbeing content
  • Earned Wage Access
  • Chatbot support
  • Other documentation 

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How it works 

  • The app is available to new and existing CloudPay customers
  • We set it up for you as part of your payroll, payment or Earned Wage Access implementation
  • You ask employees to download the app from the Apple or Google store
  • Employees gain a range of benefits available in their region

Give employees greater choice in the way they access their pay. A fundamental part of the Modern Pay Experience.  


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