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Ready to maximise the value of your Oracle HCM system and payroll operations? This is where to start. 

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Oracle and payroll harmony

Having joined the OPN (Oracle Partner Network) in 2022, CloudPay has now partnered with Oracle and leading Oracle integration specialist Epicenter, leveraging more than 50 years of expertise and reliability. 

Complementing our existing portfolio of more than 2,600 live HCM integrations, our seamless bi-directional Oracle Cloud Fusion HCM and CloudPay integration gives your business a single source of HR and payroll information – allowing you to reap the huge benefits of standardized and automated processes. 

 CloudPay’s relationship with Oracle means unification between your HR and payroll operations. Our standardized bi-directional integration gives your employees an identical experience, no matter which country they are based in, as well as reducing your IT overheads and increasing your performance, accuracy, efficiency, and compliance. 

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What can unifying Oracle and CloudPay do for you? 

Integrating your HCM with CloudPay unlocks value-driving benefits across your organization, not least maximizing the adoption of (and your investment into) your Oracle Cloud Fusion system.  

In addition to a superior employee experience, that reduces HR inquiries as your people can access pay and benefits information through self-service portals, investing in CloudPay’s payroll integration with Oracle will… 

Drive efficiency by automating and standardizing processes and reduce payroll delays caused by manually collecting and reconciling data from disparate systems

Maintain compliance with labor laws and regulations, with employee data consistency across your payroll and Oracle systems, mitigating the risk of inaccuracies

Enhance accuracy and data security with (typically) daily system synchronization identifying issues at source, and automation drastically reducing human interactions

Gain meaningful insights into workforce trends, labor costs, and financial metrics to facilitate informed decision-making and support efficient scaling of HR and payroll operations

A seamless integration for your Oracle HCM and payroll operations

CloudPay delivers managed global payroll services in 130+ countries, complementing the Oracle Fusion payroll software offered in selected countries. 

Our automated process makes things as straightforward as possible – we take all the required data points from your Oracle HCM system and format them for transfer to your CloudPay payroll; no further manual intervention is needed to add additional data or “push” the integration. 

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Unlike most other providers, ours is a fully cyclical, bi-directional integration with the ability to send payroll data and documents back into your Oracle Cloud Fusion HCM following the payroll run.  

Data transfers between systems can be scheduled to match your requirements, providing near real-time integrations to catch potential errors, and provide analytics across your entire pay experience. 

Comprehensive intelligence sharing between CloudPay and Oracle 

Our robust integration supports: 

  • Multiple data points, including historical, future and referenceable data – not offered by most standard integrations 
  • Effortless contract data corrections, with amendments to HCM data pulled through automatically to the payroll system, flagging errors immediately for fast remediation 
  • Global forecasting and analytics, with available data allowing non-HR-specialists to self-serve their reporting requirements 

And, to make things easy for your payroll team and reduce enquiries, payslips are available within Oracle for easy access to both employees and Tier 1 support. 

Get the most out of your Oracle investment


Integration flexibility
to suit your needs

As no two Oracle implementations are the same, we allow for some flexibility in your HCM and payroll setup – giving you the cost-savings provided by a standard integration, with flexibility to match your configuration.

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Data validation to improve error corrections

Data is transferred from Oracle to CloudPay at your required frequency, and all relevant payroll data is immediately validated upon receipt. Any errors found are notified for correction at source within Oracle.


Hands-on support to
make your life easier

Our expert managed support service provides ongoing and proactive monitoring of your payroll processes, leaving you free to focus on your own priorities.

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