Workday and CloudPay

Your Workday Human Capital Management system is a significant investment. We can help you maximize its value. 

Let us unify your global HR and payroll operations – combine your Workday HCM with CloudPay’s end-to-end unified pay solution for a truly Modern Pay Experience that maximizes the return on your investment. 

We’re proud to have been an official Workday partner since 2012, offering a complete global payroll solution via our certified integration that enables you to reap the benefits of a single source of information, with automated standardized processes between your HCM and payroll systems. 


Workday and payroll harmony

The comprehensive Workday HCM system allows businesses all over the world to manage their global workforce. Our partnership gives you, as a Workday customer, the ability to unify your HR and payroll operations globally, minimizing manual intervention and maximizing employee engagement – all through a single, consolidated view. 

CloudPay’s expert team is not only trained and certified in the Workday platform – we actively work with Workday’s ecosystem partners, to provide you with a truly seamless solution. 

What can unifying Workday and CloudPay do for you?

In addition to uniting your payroll and HR operations with a single source of information, integrating your Workday HCM with CloudPay will provide your employees with the same experience in all your countries. 

Plus, you’ll be able to… 

Automate workflows, centralize processes, gain global visibility and reduce IT overheads

Mitigate the risk of payroll delays through daily integrations and record-level data validation.

Minimize compliance risks with automated processes that keep you up to date with local regulations.

Improve data quality and results with robotic data validation in both CloudPay and Workday

Gain full transparency and reporting through analytics in both CloudPay and Workday


Live Workday integrations 


Joint CloudPay and Workday customers 


Countries Supported


Countries with bi-directional PECI integration deployed  
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“The partnership between CloudPay and Workday has been very helpful to unify services and integrate systems…we have a single source of truth that can provide that data and feed into our payroll provider, CloudPay.”

Senior Director of Global Payroll, Delivery Hero

Read the Delivery Hero Case Study 

A seamless integration for your Workday HCM and payroll operations 

CloudPay’s Workday PECI bi-directional integration has been deployed and certified in over 100 countries. In addition to reducing IT overheads and the number of unsupported interfaces, the integration simplifies support for both platforms, while increasing efficiency and enhancing the employee experience with improved visibility of pay and benefits. 

Our integration – which supports payrolls of any size – takes HCM data points collected and stored within Workday and turns them into payroll results and statutory documents through the CloudPay platform, resulting in improved data integrity and HCM adoption. 

Data transfers between Workday and CloudPay can be scheduled to match your specific requirements and are typically run, automatically, every day. 

CP WD CertifiedInterfaces v1

CloudPay Global Payroll Cloud Connector

Our global payroll cloud connector makes life easier for you…

Payslips and tax documents directly in Workday via CloudPay API

External payroll results (EXPR) pushed back into Workday for harmonized data between platforms

One PECI certified connector for 100+ countries with a daily feed of data, streamlining payroll processes

HR Master Data, Payments & Deductions, Time & Attendance, Pay Summary information and more is directly shared between CloudPay and Workday for payroll processing

106 data fields mapped from Workday to CloudPay, ensuring all relevant information is accurately transferred between the two platforms

Automated and scheduled transfer of data means that HR information is seamlessly extracted from the Workday system for payroll processing by CloudPay

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“With CloudPay we introduced an automated and efficient end-to-end process from information upload through to employee pay. This process is less error-prone, fully auditable and most importantly, accurate.” 

VP of EMEA Payroll, Visa 

Read the Visa Case Study 

Get the most out of your Workday investment

These are just a few of the Workday-CloudPay integration features that we think you’ll love – features to elevate your HR and payroll operations and maximize your value from both. 


One unified platform

Every local team and service partner we collaborate with work within our single unified platform, allowing you direct access to the people on the ground processing your payrolls in each country. Your data, processed in the same platform, grants you superior visibility and control over your entire payroll process.

Layer 4

Daily data feed

CloudPay is the only global provider that actively collects and validates data during daily payroll processing, ensuring the most efficient and timely data corrections within the Workday platform. Our streamlined approach results in a significantly higher First Time Approval (FTA) success rate and can save you hugely valuable labor hours (up to 2-3 days per month).

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Effortless scalability

The CloudPay and Workday integration effortlessly scales with you, ensuring a hassle-free payroll management experience. As your business expands, we help you stay compliant with ever-changing payroll regulations around the world. Rest assured as you grow, with top-notch data security and single sign-on to protect your sensitive payroll information.

Layer 1 13

Single source
of information

Statutory and locally compliant payslips and tax documents are automatically exported back into Workday to unify the employee experience. A breakdown of all earnings and deductions for each employee is also integrated back into Workday, allowing you to use the Workday ecosystem for all your global reporting, regardless of where your payrolls are processed.

Layer 1 7

Effortless contract
data amendments

CloudPay’s robust integration fully supports corrections made to the HCM data and pulls changes through automatically to the payroll system, flagging errors immediately for fast remediation. Amendments include: hire / re-hire; termination; pay company transfer; leave of absence; organization transfer; Future-dated staffing events

Layer 1 6

Complete absence
management support

CloudPay supports multiple absence management, including Workday’s Leave of Absence and Time Tracking, ideal for managing complex absence schemes, attendance and overtime rates. The seamless integration to CloudPay removes the need for duplicate data entry and significantly reduces associated manual errors and discrepancies.

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