HiBob and CloudPay

Ready to unify your Bob HR platform with your payroll operations to maximise the value of both? That’s where we come in. 


HiBob and payroll harmony

CloudPay’s experts work with the Bob teams across the world, in EMEA, APAC and the US. Since beginning work with our first HiBob customer in 2019 – and becoming a global payroll partner in October 2022 – we have worked together to provide for some of HiBob’s biggest clients. 

Our relationship with HiBob, and integration with the Bob HR platform, means unity between your HR operations and your payroll – simplifying the process of getting your people paid, wherever they’re based around the world. 

While HiBob remains your single source of employee information, our seamless integration automatically pulls through employee master data to CloudPay for payroll processing through a simple Application Programming Interface (API). 


A seamless integration for your HiBob HCM and payroll operations 

CloudPay’s standard integration establishes specific API calls to your HiBob instance to pull a specific dataset, in a pre-defined format designed to make your life as easy as possible. 

Using automated triggers that eliminate the need for manual initiation, our integration pulls through employee master data for new hires and changes, payments and deductions data, and other key datasets needed to process your payroll. 

Once the integration is live, your data will flow into CloudPay’s Connect 2.0 data validation service, which is monitored 24/7 to ensure availability to send data through. 

Get the most out of your HiBob investment


Daily data integration
and validation

Unlike other payroll providers, we don’t make you wait until the payroll cut-off date to validate your data. We offer a daily data integration and validation from HiBob to avoid unnecessary last-minute stress.

Layer 1 2

Instant feedback
for error resolution

CloudPay’s Robotic Data Validation tools provide instant feedback on any errors or issues that may impact payroll processing, allowing you to fix the data in your Bob platform.

Layer 1 16

Real-time data
movement visibility

Our dynamic integration allows for error resolution without relying on Excel templates. Administrators can see data movement in real-time and address any errors, helping ensure accurate and timely payroll results.

Layer 1 1

Set up to suit
your needs

You control what employee information is available to the CloudPay platform. This can include: employee demographic information; pay, earnings, deductions, banking data; country-specific payroll details.

Layer 1 7


Ours is a standard integration based on a data set we’ve defined to run payroll and related services, and the access of this data through pre-set APIs – making your implementation process faster and easier.

Layer 1 6

enhancement features

While we’re getting you set up, the CloudPay team can discuss additional options for add-on features, such as single-sign-on between Bob and CloudPay to enhance the employee experience with access payslips and pay data.

Our HiBob service partnerships


Rojo is trusted by leading organizations all over the world for their HCM integration expertise, operating with a customer-first approach to deliver innovative solutions. 

CloudPay and Rojo’s collaboration provides you with a complete set of HiBob transformation services, covering implementation and integration between your Bob HCM system and CloudPay. 

Silver Cloud HR

Silver Cloud is a whole-of-market digital transformation consultancy, specializing in HR, payroll and people-related technology. Working in partnership with HiBob clients to deliver an exceptional experience for every employee, they to offer unbiased strategic advice on HRIS and payroll selection, client-side project management, software implementation and managed services.  

We work with Silver Cloud HR to offer you implementation services, helping get everything in place and established to realize the full value from your CloudPay global payroll solution and HiBob. 

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