SAP SuccessFactors and CloudPay

Looking to unify your payroll with SAP SuccessFactors for maximum impact and efficiency? We’re ready to help. 


SAP and payroll harmony

As an SAP BTP (Business Technology Platform) Build Partner, we have created our integration with the SuccessFactors HCM platform to ensure cohesion between your HR functions and payroll, streamlining the process of paying your workforce, regardless of their global locations. 

With SAP SuccessFactors serving as your primary repository of employee data, our integration effortlessly retrieves employee master data for payroll processing in CloudPay via a straightforward Application Programming Interface (API).

seamless integration SAP

A seamless integration for your SAP SuccessFactors HCM and payroll operations 

Our standardized integration uses an OData API to pull specific datasets from your SAP SuccessFactors platform into CloudPay for processing, all formatted in a pre-defined structure aimed at streamlining your operations. 

Our integration employs automated triggers to retrieve employee master data for new hires and changes, along with payment and deduction details and other essential datasets necessary for payroll processing, eliminating the need for manual initiation. 

Once activated, the integration seamlessly channels your data into CloudPay’s Connect 2.0 data validation service, ensuring continuous availability for data transmission with 24/7 monitoring. 

Get the most out of your SAP investment

Layer 1 11

Find and fix errors
as they occur

Empowering you to promptly rectify the data within your SAP SuccessFactors platform, CloudPay’s Robotic Data Validation tools promptly provide feedback on any errors or discrepancies impacting payroll processing.

Layer 1 2

See data movement
as it happens

Allowing you to monitor data movement in real-time and promptly address any issues for accurate and timely payroll, our dynamic integration removes the reliance on Excel templates for error resolution.


Tailor your setup
for your requirements

From employee demographics to pay and earnings details, and banking information to country-specific payroll data – you decide which employee details are available to the CloudPay platform.

Layer 1 16

Enjoy a streamlined

Providing you with a smooth and more straightforward implementation process, our standard integration leverages predefined datasets for your payroll and related services accessed through preconfigured APIs.

Layer 1 6

Add features to
enhance your value

We can discuss further enhancement options for you while we get your integration up and running, such as enhancing your employee experience with access to payslips and payment data using a single-sign-on between SAP and CloudPay.

Our SAP SuccessFactors service partnerships

By collaborating with leading technology service partners, we enhance our relationship with SAP to provide you with the most comprehensive and valuable SAP SuccessFactors-CloudPay integration. 


Our trusted expert partner Rojo delivers outstanding SAP integration solutions, guaranteeing businesses the visibility and success required for their digital transformation journeys. 

We work collaboratively with Rojo to provide you with integration services between your SAP SuccessFactors HCM platform and the CloudPay global payroll solution. 

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