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Identify and monitor the global payroll efficiency metrics that will make a real difference to your entire organization. Get the latest edition now – published in May 2024 with an updated Payroll Difficulty Matrix.

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Now in its 5th edition, the PEI report analyses the payroll efficiency of multinational entities across the AMER, APAC and EMEA regions, based on 2023 data and tracking performance on a global, regional, and country level against 2022 data. 

This year’s results suggest that investment in innovation and technology is likely to be giving payroll teams more time and greater capability to identify and address problems. Download your copy of the report to discover why, and how your teams can benefit as well. 

The new report includes:

  • The 5 metrics that really matter – your SLA may be green, but are your KPIs? 
  • Regional and country performance comparisons against the KPIs – see who’s moved up, who’s moved down, and why 
  • Actionable insights for payroll practitioners to make a positive impact on your business 
  • The impact of payment timeliness – expanding on the new section introduced in last year’s report 

Benchmark the efficiency of  your global payroll processes

We create the PEI every year to help you understand what’s really happening with your payroll performance. 

The problem with traditional payroll SLAs, such as accuracy and timeliness, is that they typically suggest that performance is always fantastic; performance metrics of 99% or higher obviously sound great at face value.  

But what these standard SLAs fail to do is paint the real picture of what it takes to reach these numbers. They give no indication – whatsoever – of the time, effort, resources and costs (both monetarily and opportunity costs) of reaching these numbers.  

The reality is that many senior leadership teams believe their payrolls are performing brilliantly (when they simply are not), while payroll teams know that their operations are not efficient, but lack the data to help diagnose and fix the situation!  

The CloudPay PEI report is based upon 5 KPIs designed to give you the real insight you need into how well your payroll operations are performing, and what you can act upon to make improvements where needed, focusing on optimizing processes, integrating workflows, and reducing costs. 

How do we create the PEI report? 

Our industry benchmarking report is based on payroll processing KPIs across more than 130 countries. We use anonymized data sampled from 1 million+ payslips generated between January 1st and December 31st 2022, from multinational entities across the AMER, EMEA and APAC regions. 

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