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Champion earned wage access and financial wellbeing through the only global solution for on-demand pay. It's time to engage, inspire, and build world class teams through employee pay flexibility.

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Attract and Retain Talent with Flexible Pay

Now more than ever, modern companies consider employee financial health as a crucial component of their long term success.

CloudPay’s Earned Wage Access (EWA) platform stands alone as the only true global solution that empowers employees to proactively manage their finances.

CloudPay NOW provides Earned Wage Access for talent in one mobile application, reducing operational complexity for employers while significantly boosting employee satisfaction.

Attract, develop, and retain top global talent for your business: simplify and future-proof your on-demand pay offering in every country with CloudPay.

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Introducing CloudPay NOW, the only global solution for earned wage access. Attract, retain, and empower your employees with financial flexibility and control. See what CloudPay NOW can offer your business by watching the video.

Benefits for Your Company

of employees fall short on an expense between pay periods. [According to a EY Employee Financial Wellbeing Survey, June 2020]

Financial stress profoundly impacts productivity. Employees who confront financial stress report lower levels of job satisfaction, and employers face increased absenteeism and higher turnover compared to peers.

CloudPay helps global companies meet the needs of both their payroll organization and the employees. Fully integrated with the CloudPay treasury and payroll services, CloudPay NOW offers financial flexibility to employees without requiring additional integration within your processes.  

With CloudPay NOW, your company can:


  • EWA - 1 cash flow Offer earned wage access at any time during a payroll cycle, free from cash flow concerns
  • EWA - 2 rules Seamlessly create smart rules to govern how employees use this benefit
  • EWA - 3 eliminate requests Eliminate requests for manual payroll advances and associated processes/costs
  • EWA - 4 productivity Improve employee productivity and lower workforce absenteeism
  • EWA - 5 satisfaction Enhance employee satisfaction and reduce staff turnover

The world’s leading companies trust CloudPay

Benefits for Your Employees

of households save less than 10% of their monthly income, don’t save at all, or are net debtors [According to OECD 2019; Chinese National Bureau of Statistics; Government of India Ministry of Statistics, EY analysis]

Rigid pay days hinder employees who want more flexibility and control over their finances. Employees everywhere want access to their earned wages when they need them to fulfill financial obligations.

With instant access to earned wages, employees can obtain emergency funds if a sudden bill or expense arrived, without incurring more debt, or requiring manual intervention from the Payroll or HR teams.

With CloudPay NOW, employees can:


  • EWA - 6 mobile app Access accrued wages through an intuitive mobile app
  • EWA - 7 expense Be prepared for emergency expenses
  • EWA - 8 lending Save money by avoiding predatory lending practices
  • EWA - 9 focus Stay motivated and focused, with reduced personal financial stress