Payroll Automation

Saving time and ensuring accuracy

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Data Validation & System Integration

We offer two main types of payroll automation; Integration to your existing HR system, and Robotic Data Validation.

Both save you time and increase accuracy on your payroll processing.  

By integrating with your existing HR or HCM system, data is pulled into CloudPay automatically and payslips are delivered to employees via your HR platform. Saving you and your employees the time and hassle of learning additional systems.


Robotic Data Validation

Automated data validation means you will know within minutes that data is missing or incorrect, leaving you plenty of time to correct any issues and have confidence in the accuracy of pay calculations.

How We Help

Problem / Solution

Manual Validation

Manual validation is labor-intensive. With days spent every month checking spreadsheets and running VLookups to ensure all the data is correct before processing the payroll.

automatic DV
Automatic Data Validation

Automatic or robotic data validation takes only minutes as opposed to days. Issues are flagged up, giving you plenty of time to fix them before a pay cycle.

Reliance on HR Team
Reliance on HR Team

Most payroll systems rely on manual data entry by HR or Payroll Processing staff to add employee's personal details. Bank account, tax records and details of hours worked and time off all need to go into the payroll system.

Attract and Keep the Best
Employee Self Service

When CloudPay is integrated with your existing HR solution, employees input personal details themselves and access their payslips via the same platform.

Costly Payroll Errors

Manual data validation is prone to human errors. With so much information required to process payroll mistakes are easily made. From information in the wrong format, to decimal points in the wrong place.

accurate payroll
Accurate Payroll Processing

Automated data validation ensures data goes into the system in the correct format and fits within a specified range. Resulting in accurate payroll calculations and peace of mind.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

In this CloudPaper, we explore how the same automation that helps secure a customer’s personal data also reduces costs for the company, improves payroll accuracy for employees, and eliminates tedious manual work for the payroll professional. 


CloudPay Calendar: Multi-Country Payroll Workflows

An overview of the CloudPay Calendar. A digital workflow and scheduling tool that allows you to build consolidated views of all your global payroll tasks and events in one place. Your one central point of truth for all global payroll events.