Keep your payroll plans on track with our time-tested global implementation methodology

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Rethinking Payroll Implementation

We deliver process efficiencies that fast-track results. Our structured deployment model and experience navigating multiple languages and geographic requirements help organizations realize a smooth and seamless transition.

From discovery and configuration to testing and go-live, our specialists provide expert guidance and timely updates to keep all parties focused on the end goal: efficient, on-time implementation of your global payroll solution.


Implementation Tips

Watch the video to learn about the essential success factors required for a smooth implementation process.

How We Help

Problem / Solution

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No Visibility

Lack of visibility into the implementation process makes it impossible to keep your stakeholders up to date and check the project is going to plan. You need to know what is required from your side to ensure there are no delays to the project.

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Complete Transparency

With access to our project management system, you'll have complete visibility into the entire implementation process. You'll see what is required from both sides and know that the implementation process is on track.

Delayed Launch

Without a clear project schedule, deadlines won't be met. Deployment should be phased appropriately throughout the year and across countries to ensure your target launch date is met.

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Clear Deployment Plan

We provide a structured planning and deployment model, tailored to address your unique payroll challenges.With a defined process steeped in PRINCE2 and Six Sigma

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Lack of Communication

With so much documentation required and communication between various parties from both sides of the project, there's a large volume of information to keep track of.

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Open & Collaborative Communication

All communication is via our platform, so you'll have access to all conversations and documents in one place. Making it easier for everyone involved to access the information required.

Implementation Report

The Three Stages Of Implementation

Implementation is about balancing the need to realize the time to value in the shortest possible timeframe, whilst ensuring you take everyone with you - especially those at the local country level. In this CloudPaper, we explore each of the three stages of global payroll implementation – evaluation, selection and deployment.