Global Payroll

Don't let yesterday's technology stifle the future of your global business. CloudPay gives you real-time visibility of your global payroll, the ability to track performance, standardize processes, track compliance requirements and drive operational improvements.

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Streamline your global payroll processing

Today's multinational organizations need a global payroll solution that is accessible, adaptable and accurate — and ready for any unexpected legislative and organizational changes.

CloudPay's unified cloud solution processes all payrolls on a single, automated platform, delivering unmatched data visibility and control while reducing errors and total processing time.

We study the complex mechanics and requirements of multi-country payroll and obsess over improving the Payroll function at every level, enabling our customers to satisfy their global reporting and payroll needs with confidence and ease. 

Payroll is more than paychecks


It’s business insight that drives automation, precision, compliance, and performance. With powerful technology and unprecedented control of international payroll processes, our unified solution turns global payroll into an engine for business progress.


Leading companies entrust CloudPay with their global payroll


Unified Payroll Solution

Whether managing payroll in five countries or 30, you need a global payroll solution that ensures intelligent process automation, compliance beyond borders, and insights that move your business forward. With CloudPay, you can consolidate your payroll operations and treasury services on one cloud platform across 130+ countries.

Seamless Integration

CloudPay integrates with leading HCM and ERP software to provide seamless data exchange

Global Expertise

Our international payroll experts are ready to help you handle every pay cycle with confidence

Realtime Visibility

Monitor the right metrics with our advanced analytics toolset to analyze global-level performance

Efficient Implementation Process


Deploy efficiently with our structured implementation methodology and expert project managers


Direct Access to Payroll Experts


Access to experienced payroll practitioners, vetted partners, and global support teams 


Continuous Process Improvement


Experience exceptional payroll services and new efficiency KPIs for continuous process improvement


We were looking for a reliable payroll solution that integrated with our existing HCM and ERP software, and simplified compliance, data management and service. CloudPay delivered on that - we use them to run payroll in over 18 countries - it is truly the first system our team enjoys using, and everyone in the organization can trust."

- Global Payroll Manager, GROUPON

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PEI report V2

Payroll Efficiency Benchmarking

A new way of understanding global payroll processing and efficiency around the world, enabled by data from 2,500+ multinational entities that use CloudPay as their payroll provider. Take control of your payroll operation to realize a new level of payroll efficiency.