Continuous Integration

Control payroll processing, start to finish

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Integration You Can Forget About

Send data to one place, and take the time you need to process payroll. CloudPay enables customers to continuously gather, integrate, and validate payroll processing data in real time, rather than at the end of each pay cycle.

We automate error notifications and reporting, providing your systems with instant feedback on data quality and completeness. CloudPay's constant integration engine fuels payroll data processing efficiency, flexibility, visibility, and control.

Automate your payroll

Integrate & Automate

Ensure high-quality payroll processing and reduce costs by synchronizing data between your HR, Finance and Payroll systems.

Control Through Visibility

Achieve visibility of payroll data and costs through secure integration protocols that improve data integrity and access.

Configure Business Rules

Facilitate the flow of data for processing based on a set of business rules within your HCM application

Access To Payslips

Integrate payroll results and payslips with HR systems to give employees access to key information in a single place.

How We Help

Problem / Solution

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Loss of Visibility

Other payroll processing systems reject all data from a payroll batch that has even one discrepancy.

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Alerts and Prompts from CloudPay

CloudPay will accept all correct entries and notify customers about potential errors in their payroll data.

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Stress from Time Crunch

Other payroll providers require 100% of all data to process and validate payroll, resulting in short and stressful turnaround times for internal payroll validation from partners. Additionally, payroll providers may delay validation considerably as they process the data.

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Continuous Processing Capability

CloudPay enables partners to send data in separate batches rather than wait until the end of a pay period, saving time and alleviating stress.

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Manual Reconciliation

Complete payroll data batches must be sent back to payroll teams from payroll providers manually, causing delays for final reconciliation by the customer's payroll team.

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Automated Processes

CloudPay customers set specific rules for CloudPay's payroll processing and integration service to update them on payroll validation status, so that they know when to expect their data.