Technology Industry Global Payroll Efficiency Index

Benchmarking the Technology Industry’s Payroll Processing performance against global KPIs from over 130 countries. Built for payroll leaders. Designed for insight.

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The new report includes:

  • The 5 KPIs that really matter – your SLA may be green, but are your KPIs?
  • The impact of treasury processes – introducing a new Payments section to the report
  • Regional and country performance comparisons against the KPIs – who’s moved up, who’s moved down, and why
  • Actionable insights for payroll practitioners that will make a difference to your business

Benchmark the Efficiency of Your
Global Payroll Processes

The metrics presented in the Payroll Efficiency Index report enable multinational companies to focus attention on global payroll functions to optimize processes, integrate workflows, and reduce costs.

The 4th edition of the report analyses payroll efficiency of multinational entities across the America, APAC, and EMEA regions, based on 2022 data and tracking performance on a global, regional, and country level against 2021 data.

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