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Fast and secure global payment services, to get your international workforce, local tax authorities and third parties paid – accurately, compliantly, and on time. 

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Everything you need to get your people paid

You deserve a dedicated managed service to make your regulated and licensed salary payments, easing pressure on your teams and your organization. Experience a complete service covering everything you need for international net, statutory and third-party payments – all with a single point of contact.

Your global workforce payments – why choose CloudPay? 

We get it – there are plenty of choices out there for getting your people paid… 

…so, we take pride in truly distinguishing ourselves in the areas that we know make the biggest different for our customers… 

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Full visibility, full control
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Payment choices
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Automated efficiency
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Consolidated Fees
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Funding Flexibility
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Superior Analytics

Get your people paid, wherever they are

CloudPay’s in-house experts and best-in-class service partners enable you to fund and pay your entire international workforce through our single, unified global ecosystem.

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As you probably know all too well, managing your global payroll payments in-house (or external providers underperforming), results in non-stop challenges.  Juggling a fragmented system of payments, managed by a host of different parties, leaves you with no centralized visibility or control. 

As well as deciphering and processing complex country-specific bank funding and international payments, you could also end up paying hidden fees and costly FX rates.

Let’s make your payments better…

CloudPay’s Payments solution – what’s in it for you? 

CloudPay’s fully managed global payments services provide you with end-to-end payroll and payment processing for timely, accurate and compliant payments to employees, local authorities and other third parties in 160+ currencies. 

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Full visibility,
full control

Remove uncertainties by understanding the overall cost of your payroll with full transparency before any payments are made, in addition to easy fund disbursement based on your chosen payment schedule.

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We don’t just do bank payments – take advantage of CloudPay’s industry-leading payment technology to enhance your employee’s pay experience; we can make payments directly to employees’ debit or credit cards.

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Enhance your efficiency with our automated processes, including automatically populated funding requests, automatically generated reconciliation reports, and eliminating the manual keying of individual payments.

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Significantly lower your unnecessary costs – CloudPay’s single payments ecosystem eliminates the need for multiple, local payroll-specific bank accounts, reducing your global bank charges and transaction fees.

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We offer funding internationally in multiple, single and local currencies, using a choice of push or pull methods – we work with you to establish which options best meet business needs while catering for global intricacies.

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Get clarity over who has been paid and when with our industry-leading, real-time and predictive analytics – including unified global reports for credit and debit reconciliation, per payment reports, and transparent SLAs and KPIs.

How do CloudPay’s salary
payments work? 

We provide you with a comprehensive set of payment options, providing global coverage to handle payments to all parties involved in the end-to-end payment distribution process for a compliant payroll payment cycle, catering for country-specific legal complexities regarding how payments are sent and received.  

How we make your payments… 

You have three payment options available, depending on your specific preferences for your global requirements… 

1. Instant salary payments with pay-to-card

Immediate, reliable salary payments, straight to your employees’ cards, wherever they’re located.
CloudPay’s Instant Salary Payments service allow you to pay your people – wherever they’re located – using pay-to-card transactions via the card rails network. 
Most organizations take 2-3 days to pay their employees through the banking system, via BACS, ACH, SEPA etc, with lengthy and involved set-up admin involving several data points and a ‘penny test’ for validation. 
Using CloudPay, you can pay your employees in as little as 30 seconds. Our pioneering money-movement solution, developed through our close partnership with Visa, allows 24/7 instant payments to any debit or credit card – under any brand – using a single, secure global network. Payments are highly accurate and easy to trace, and with the need for a penny test removed, setup is quick and easy.  
So, not only can you get your people paid – almost instantly – you can dramatically reduce the time needed to process those payments (from several days to, in most cases, a few seconds!), earning back valuable time in your payroll calendar.

2. Pay-to-bank

Our global Bank Payment product and service delivers global bank payment capability.

Our service integrates into your payroll ecosystem and handles payments to all parties involved in the end-to-end payment distribution process. 

We have our own bank payment platform, plus, we work with partners to deliver a truly global service that systematically provides secure, fast and accurate payments, with a dedicated service delivery team. We offer various bank transfer payment types, including ACH, BACS, SEPA and wire transfer, and streamline the process into a single touchpoint for your business.

3. Funding

Maximize your capital by ensuring you only pay what’s needed in a given jurisdiction; just choose the best funding option for each of your regions.
We can deliver funding capability in over 70 countries, allowing our service teams to make global payments for your international workforces, all in line with statutory obligations.  
We make things as convenient for you as we can by offering a range of options, including timing flexibility and push- or pull-funding; for pull-funding, you can choose either direct debits or, to automate the process for even greater convenience, reverse wire drawdowns. 

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