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All your payrolls, unified, and managed by our experts

You deserve a system you can trust to pay your workforce correctly, as well as managing compliance and driving operational improvements with industry-leading analytics. Gain visibility and control globally with CloudPay’s managed service, delivered by our experts, unifying all your international teams and payrolls.

Your global payroll – why choose CloudPay?

We understand – you’ve got a wide range of vendors offering payroll software and services to choose from… 

…so we focus on what really matters, to elevate the strategic value of payroll in your company and provide the best return on your investment…

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Drive efficiency with automation
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Get rid of multiple contracts
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Global compliance support
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Seamlessly integrate your HCM
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Act on analytics and insights
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Access to in-country experts

Unify your pay services

CloudPay’s single global ecosystem and standardized platform interface allow easy integration of your payroll, salary payments and pay on-demand benefits – all delivered with excellent customer service.

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We hardly need to tell you that struggling with global payroll in-house – or providers failing to deliver the service you need – places a huge drain on your resources.

Managing fragmented systems – with teams and third parties spread all over the world – can be difficult, slow and cumbersome, impacting control over your own processes. 

Perhaps you’ve also had enough of repetitive data-entry – causing errors and delays – and manual data validation, not to mention never-ending country-specific regulation changes.

Let’s make your payroll better… 

CloudPay’s Payroll solution – what’s in it for you? 

CloudPay’s global unified managed payroll services process all your payrolls on a single automated platform, delivering comprehensive data visibility and control while reducing errors and processing time.

Group 1482

Drive efficiency with automation

Reduce the time, stress and opportunity cost of your payroll processing with CloudPay’s global, automated processes. Focus your teams on higher value strategic tasks by reducing manual touchpoints and get your people paid, accurately and on time.

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Get rid of
multiple contracts

Simplify your payroll management with a single contract; unlike some other payroll providers, your only contract is with CloudPay – we manage all our service providers to reduce the burden on your teams and streamline your administrative requirements.

Layer 2

Global compliance

Our compliance experts will support you in the ever-shifting world of international payroll legislation. Our global managed service allows integration of local payroll information to improve the accuracy, speed and consistency of your salary payments and reporting.

Layer 3

Seamlessly integrate
your HCM

Remove uncertainty and end-of-month data quality panics with daily integrations (where available), while cutting IT overheads, minimizing compliance risks, and improving your global scalability…and maximizing adoption and value of the HCM system you’ve invested in!

Layer 4

Act on analytics
and insights

Data from all your countries is stored in a single system of record, providing real-time access to global reporting and analytics through customizable dashboards, giving the insights you need to showcase and enhance the strategic value of your payroll’s performance.

Layer 5

Access to in-country

The CloudPay Platform allows everyone involved in your payroll cycles to communicate – directly and seamlessly – in the same central conversation thread, removing inefficiency and reducing delays. You can also access historical conversations whenever needed.

How does CloudPay’s payroll process work?

CloudPay’s globally standardized and automated payroll process gives you the huge advantage of being able to easily train new starters, cover holidays, and expand into new geographies as your organization grows.

1. Data entry

Your HR teams and employees enter the relevant data (bank details, addresses, payroll information such as bonus and benefit details, etc) directly into your HR system.  

2. Data transfer and verification

This people and payroll HR data is then transferred to CloudPay, and the data is checked for anomalies such as missing bank details, etc. We then flag any errors or gaps back to you so they can be rectified in your system, and the corrected data transferred back to us the following day. 
We typically transfer this data on a daily basis, although if you have lots of changes to make – perhaps in a retail organization with higher staff turnover – you can choose to configure your data transfers more than once a day. 
While most payroll providers can only provide a single monthly data transfer – almost always resulting in nasty surprises and last-minute panics to fix outstanding issues – our daily transfer approach results in far more certainty, less stress, and more time back in your team’s calendars!  

3. Payroll lock and validation

At an agreed date, the payroll is locked and CloudPay completes a final automatic validation to make sure that any discrepancies raised have been resolved.  

4. Payroll processing

CloudPay then processes the payroll – we take care of everything, so you can rest assured that your payroll processing and compliance checks are being carried out by seasoned experts – and all the results are stored in our single platform. 

5. Data validation and auditing

Post-processing checks are then carried out – these are automatic and based on your specific requirements.  
For example, we can check whether the amount being paid is over a threshold you have set – protecting against incorrect salary payment entries where an extra zero might be included – as well as how much the value has altered since your previous payroll run to identify any potential issues.  
Once the automatic validation is complete, the results are checked by our in-house payroll specialists – twice. Your payroll will always have a four-eye check, as well as the automatic verifications. Our payroll teams are highly trained, and these extra checks deliver real value in terms of reliability – and your peace of mind. 

6. Checks and approval

We then push the payroll results to you for checking and approval; depending on your audit requirements, you can have up to two levels of approval.  

Once you have approved the results, we complete post-processing to produce all your statutory tax documents, bank files and general ledger files – this helps to ensure consistency and manage compliance, saving you time and unnecessary stress! 

7. Salary payments

We then make your payments, on the agreed pay date, to all your global employees through our Payments solution – ensuring that your people are paid on time, every time. 

8. Payslips and documents

CloudPay automatically makes payslips and tax documents available for your employees to access through your HR system. If an employee notices that any details are incorrect – for example, their details don’t include their latest address – they can update their HR system record so that it is correctly picked up for the next run. 
We also push the general ledger files through to your finance system.

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Monthly service reviews 

In addition to supporting you all the way through your payroll cycle, we also carry out monthly reviews with all our customers, to identify what’s working well and any potential areas for improving your service. 
We use our huge database of anonymized customer payroll data and analytics to benchmark processes, showing exactly what ‘good’ looks like and how to implement best practice for you. 

Your monthly review is part of our cycle of continuous improvement, helping us address your ideas to improve our solutions. 

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