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We provide global payroll, payment and pay-on-demand solutions to meet our customers’ needs and transform their businesses – and we enhance our customers’ end-to-end experience by partnering with market-leading organisations and consultants. 


Solutions-oriented Partners


We know customers have lots of options, not only for global payroll, but also HRM, HCM, Financial Services, Time & Attendance, Expense Report Management, Systems Integration, Consulting and more.


We offer options so our customers can choose the blend of partners that is right for them and that will complement the CloudPay global payroll solution.


Our partners appreciate this approach because of the key thing we have in common: solving the business challenges for our mutual customers.

"In our world, partnerships are invaluable – they provide a collaborative and synergistic approach to driving innovation, creating value and delivering the Modern Pay Experience. We join forces with other software and service providers in our CloudPay ecosystem, tapping into their unique expertise and capabilities to maximize the value we jointly deliver to our mutual customers."


- Lisa Mahlum

VP, Global Alliances, CloudPay

The CloudPay Alliance Team


The global Alliance Team at CloudPay is a strategic function responsible for the cultivation and management of relationships that deliver joint value to our mutual customers. In some cases, the relationships are global, and in other cases there is a regional focus.


The Alliance Team covers the globe with employees currently in the US, Europe, and the Philippines.

We match CloudPay customers and prospects with partners that can help solve their specific challenges. We also broker and foster relationships between CloudPay associates and partner associates to help ensure the partnership is delivering as expected.



Whether you are a current partner and want to learn how to work more closely with CloudPay, or you are a company interested in exploring CloudPay’s solutions, please reach out using the links below.


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