CloudPay celebrates industry award wins for FinTech and Unified Solutions Excellence

ANDOVER, UK – 26 June 2024 – CloudPay has been honoured with a Top FinTech Company 2024 award by The American Registry and Best Unified Solutions Company by South East Asia Business Awards 2024.

These recent awards highlight CloudPay’s commitment to innovation and excellence in payroll and financial technology. The Top FinTech Company 2024 award from The American Registry recognises CloudPay’s pioneering contributions to financial technology, emphasising our cutting-edge solutions that streamline payroll processes and enhance financial autonomy for employees worldwide. Meanwhile, the Best Unified Solutions Company award from the South East Asia Business Awards highlights our ability to integrate diverse financial services into a seamless, efficient platform, tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses in the region.

“We are honoured to receive these awards, which serve as a testament to our dedicated team and our innovative approach to payroll and financial technology. At CloudPay, we understand the critical role that fintech and unified solutions play in modern payroll systems. Our mission is to empower businesses and employees alike with tools that offer transparency, control, and efficiency. These awards inspire us to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in payroll technology and to maintain our position at the forefront of industry innovation.”

Nick Webb, Chief Marketing Officer at CloudPay


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