Mental Health Awareness Week: Employee wellbeing must be supported by all business functions – including payroll

ANDOVER, UK – 13 May, 2024 – As the annual Mental Health Awareness Week kicks off in the UK, employers and payroll teams are being encouraged to adopt modern pay processes to bolster employee wellbeing during the challenging economic climate.

At a time when data reveals that 47% of UK adults are concerned about their finances, global payroll specialist, CloudPay, has advised firms to offer modern payment models to their staff to better support their financial circumstances.

Flexible, modern pay strategies provide a more holistic solution to employees, by incorporating pay-on-demand models which enable workers to access their accrued earnings as and when they are needed, along with other employer-led support like financial education.

“Financial challenges are one of the key drivers behind the growing mental health crisis in the UK, and we urge employers to consider the ways in which they can more effectively support their staff. Businesses are also struggling, and few can offer salary increases to their employees, however there are other solutions available to them. Offering flexible and modern payroll options can help staff to meet the challenges of the wider economic climate at a time when many are struggling, and means they are less likely to rely on loans or overdrafts, if those scenarios do arise.

“In today’s fast-paced world, a modern pay experience must cater to the needs and expectations of employees, aligning with the immediacy and responsiveness seen in other facets of daily life. Embracing a modern approach to pay requires providing access to more comprehensive benefits, such as financial wellness and education packages, which empower employees to navigate any challenges they may encounter with greater confidence.”

Borja Perez, VP Products, Payments at CloudPay, comments on the impact that modern pay models can have on employee mental health.


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