Everest Report: A Definitive Guide to Global Earned Wage Access

Download the report to compare top EWA vendors, understand pricing models, and discover employer benefits

everest report

Compare Top Earned Wage Access Vendors

  • Explore the global vendor landscape – which provider has the widest coverage?​
  • Understand the distinctions in EWA models – what’s the difference between employer-enabled vs. direct-to-employee?
  • Discover the employer benefits of a global EWA solution – improved talent attraction, retention, productivity, and more 

Driven by an on-demand society, on-demand pay is the next evolution of pay – delivering flexible pay to meet the needs and expectations of employees, and help employers attract and retain talent.

This Everest Group report examines the factors driving pay on-demand solutions, the significance and benefits of a global EWA program, and the key considerations and best practices employers should consider when rolling out a pay on-demand solution.

With insights from Everest Group’s primary and secondary research across 15 EWA vendors, the report is a definitive guide to global earned wage access.

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