Global pay on-demand for a global luxury brand

“Employees manage their money how they want to manage their money, which for me is the way it should be. CloudPay_NOW is something payroll can bring to the table to support our employees.”

– Senior Director of Payroll & People Operations

A world-leading luxury lifestyle brand worked with CloudPay to offer its employees on-demand access to earned wages, across 12 EMEA countries, in a simple mobile app.

CloudPay NOW is the world’s first pay on-demand solution. It enables the company to meet its employees’ expectations with a low-cost, high-value benefit and flexible fintech.

And it helps elevate the company’s payroll brand – the payroll team are providers of a valued benefit rather than just a group that employees go to when they have a problem.

A survey of the test population scored the ease of use of CloudPay NOW a 9.2/10 and likelihood of using CloudPay NOW a 7.1/10.


Supporting over 5,000 employees in 12 EMEA countries

20,000 transactions

38% adoption rate in
2 months

9.2/10 ease of use

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