Colt: Gaining Global Payroll Efficiencies

“With CloudPay analytics, we can see a positive trend in payroll performance month over month, year over year.”

-Éva Anna Tepliczky, Global Payroll Lead – Colt


Colt first deployed CloudPay in 2012 to manage most of their payrolls in EMEA and India. When new payroll leadership joined the company in 2018, Colt took the first steps to further optimizing the CloudPay deployment, centralizing payrolls falling within the deployment’s domain, simplifying data capture, unlocking powerful payroll analytics, and achieving significant time and cost savings in the process.

Colt Technology Services is a telecommunications company which provides voice and network services to client organizations of all sizes.

  • Industry: Telecommunications
  • Use Case: Centralizing global payroll
  • Employees: 5.5k
  • Countries: 23
  • HCM: Success Factors


Customizable reporting and insightful analytics

1 day time saving deploying Connect 2.0 API tool

1.5 day time saving using CloudPay’s templates

The Challenge

Colt first implemented CloudPay in 2012, using the solution to manage payroll for c. 5,000 employees across Europe and Asia. When a new payroll leader joined Colt in 2018, some opportunities to maximize the benefits of CloudPay were discovered: 

  • To leverage CloudPay’s offering in all EMEA countries, rather than use default local process, driving forward global payroll centralization. 
  • To reduce the practice of data sharing via PDFs and Excel spreadsheets by using CloudPay Connect’s seamless data exchange. 
  • To support Colt’s HR Operations Transformation program to move the HR system to a single source of truth, of which payroll was an integral element.

The Solution

For the past three years, Colt’s payroll team and CloudPay have been working together closely to optimize the deployment of CloudPay, and gain efficiencies across Colt’s global payroll footprint. This included: 

  • Providing consistency and visibility by centralizing EMEA payrolls in CloudPay’s unified global solution 
  • Ensuring accurate data capture and streamline data transfer with global templates 
  • Easing integration with other cloud platforms using Connect 2.0 – CloudPay’s dynamic API solution. 


By optimizing the deployment of CloudPay, Colt has simplified data capture, streamlined the implementation of new payrolls, and unlocked the power of CloudPay’s analytics. The company has also achieved significant time savings every payroll period: 

  • A day and a half through using pre-packaged CloudPay templates 
  • One day through deploying Connect 2.0 API tool 
  • Estimated 5-10% improvement in data input errors, reducing the number of output errors too 

Finally, using CloudPay’s analytics dashboard and the easy availability of customized reports, Colt has quick and easy access to analysis of the performance of their global payroll system. 

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