Nando’s: Pay flexibility to attract and retain talent

“We know unexpected bills and short-term cashflow challenges can create a lot of stress for our teams. With CloudPay NOW all our team members will be able to access their wages the very next day after working, removing that stressful wait until payday.

– Moji Neshat, General Manager, Nando’s Singapore

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CloudPay NOW supports c.150 employees in Singapore to access their earned wages without having to wait for the next payday. It also enables Nando’s Singapore to stay ahead of the curve, as an employer of choice, and stand out to prospective employees. Nando’s Singapore identified CloudPay NOW as the solution to meet three key objectives:

Nando’s is a multinational fast food chain operating over 1,200 outlets in 30 countries.

  • Industry: Hospitality 
  • Use Case: Earned wage access
  • Employees: 34k
  • Countries: 30


Support recruitment and retention in the competitive Singapore jobs market 

Offer pay flexibility in a country where moving away from monthly payroll is difficult

Deliver an enhanced employee value proposition aligning with the company’s objective of being a purposeful brand

The Challenge

Nando’s Singapore needed a solution that would provide flexible pay, support its recruitment and retention efforts, and deliver an enhanced employee value proposition. Some of the business’ key challenges included:

  • A highly competitive jobs market, with many more vacancies than people, making it tough to recruit front-line staff.
  • Retaining talent when competing with the gig economy which typically pays workers frequently.
  • Running advance payrolls for employees to prepare for festivals like Eid, Chinese New Year and Christmas.
  • Monthly pay cycles necessitated by Singapore’s requirement for employees to have a monthly payslip to qualify for access to government benefits and the 80% government-owned housing market.

The Solution

These challenges and the delicate balance of the need for monthly pay vs. pay flexibility led Nando’s Singapore to look for an earned wage access solution. CloudPay NOW was selected for a few key reasons:

  • Employees receive their monthly payslips as usual.
  • There are no adjustments to existing payroll processes and Finance reporting, so no extra administrative burden on payroll teams.
  • Employees access their earned wages via the CloudPay NOW app rather than requesting pay advances.
  • The app includes information to build financial management knowledge for employees.
  • CloudPay provides support with employee communications for roll-out.

The business case for CloudPay NOW was also based on a reduction in recruitment and retention costs such as agencies, advertising and referral bonuses.


Nando’s Singapore are in the process of rolling-out CloudPay NOW to their workforce.

  • c.150 employees in Singapore will have access to their earned wages, whenever and wherever they need them.
  • Staff will no longer have to wait until the end of the month payday to receive wages they’ve already worked for.

The Nando’s brand has a stated mission to be purposeful, revolving around its people. They believe that taking care of their people is the key to delivering a fantastic customer experience and business success. Nando’s Singapore has an opportunity to further enhance the employee experience, in turn driving improvements in customer experience and the business overall.

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