Sean Greer

Sean Greer

Deployment Manager

Deployment Manager

Team: Implementation Team
Location: UK 

Joined CloudPay: October 2018 


What does your job involve?  

Working with all teams to ensure the platform has the capabilities required by all user bases. My team then works to get the business and users ready for the change or new functions.  


How would you describe the culture at CloudPay?  

CloudPay is very dynamic and pushes you to succeed. It cultivates new solutions to traditional and unique problems.  


What do you enjoy about your job?  

Each day brings a unique experience. Initially, I never envisioned finding joy in working within payroll. My role allows me to collaborate with diverse teams, providing me with the opportunity to engage with individuals who possess a wide array of skills and expertise. I actively contribute to solving complex issues, and this involvement instills in me a sense of purpose, as I feel a part of each solution. 


Why would you recommend CloudPay as somewhere to work? 

CloudPay is a great company for people who enjoy challenges and an ever-evolving business. CloudPay also is great at supporting ideas along with utilizing and growing skills. 

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