Telli Seddon

Telli Seddon

Project Manager

Project Manager

Team: Implementation Team
Location: UK (Manchester) 

Joined CloudPay: November 2022 


What does your job involve?  

My job involves keeping people connected and keeping things moving as they need to on a project. I spend most of my day making sure that communication is strong so that all the moving pieces of a project come together on time, correctly and that our client go live with their new payrolls as seamlessly as possible. 


How would you describe the culture at CloudPay?  

It is tempting to say Family, but that is not the right word. As the word family implies that the lines between work and personal life are blurred, and that is not the case here. I think the best way to describe the culture here is balanced and human.  


If you want to bring your whole self to work, and let your personality shine, that is fine, if you are more private and like to do a great job but not be forced into mandatory socialization, that’s fine too. There is a healthy respect for your personal life and your time away from work, and a healthy expectation of what is manageable.  


There is always a dialogue and if you need some extra help or guidance, there is always someone to help. Not just colleagues, but management too care that you are not burning out! It is great to work in a company where I would feel as comfortable having a conversation with my colleague or line manager, as I would with Senior Execs.  


What do you enjoy about your job?  

I love building great relationships with my project teams, both client side and CloudPay and Service Partner side. I love that in my job, I get to try and help find solutions to problems, or breakdown what can seem like a big task into manageable chunks, so that no one gets overwhelmed.  


Basically, I love that I get to help people, and in payroll, doing a good job means that businesses retain their talent, and employees get their hard-earned salaries.  


Why would you recommend CloudPay as somewhere to work? 

Because you will never meet anyone here that pretends everything is perfect and there is nothing to improve, in any business there are always things that can be improved…but what is unique about here, is that we all want to take the fantastic workplace we have and continue to make it even better, and people here want to help each other.  


I have not worked in any other business ever where literally everyone I have met just wants to help. Whether that be with wider business goals, or your colleague who is a bit tight for time this week and needs a hand.  


I work just as well with people from other departments as my own team, because we all know we are just Team CloudPay, trying to deliver the best outcome for our clients. I also love that I work with such a variety of cultures as we are international, and no two clients or payrolls are the same. 

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