Global Treasury Services

End to end payroll and payment processing, standardised across the globe and including flexible payment methods. For timely accurate payments to employees, local authorities and other third parties in 160+ currencies.

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Flexible Pay Options

CloudPay offers you choices. By combining payroll, and treasury services we deliver the payment type that is best for you and your employees. All of our payment types comply with local legislation to keep you compliant wherever you operate.

Bank Payment

We offer various bank transfer payment types, including ACH, BACS, SEPA and wire transfer.

Pay to Card

CloudPay can make payments directly to employee debit and credit cards.

Virtual Wallet

We provide the option to make payments to your employees' virtual wallets and pre-paid cards.

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Fast, secure, and accurate

It's now possible to pay employees in less than 30 seconds via card rails. The new money movement solution from CloudPay makes instant payments to debit and credit cards using the 16-digit card number. With a single, secure global network, the payments are highly accurate and easy to trace. Payments can be made 24/7 to any debit or credit card, under any brand. And there's no need for a penny test, so setup is quick and easy.

From 3 days to 30 seconds

Payroll cycles traditionally allow 3 days for payments to arrive with employees by payday. Imagine what your payroll and finance functions could do with those extra days?

  • Close the payroll later
  • Reduce off-cycle calculations
  • Minimise payment failures
  • Maximise working capital time

Leading companies trust CloudPay with employee payments

Delivering faster digital salary payments

CloudPay is employing Visa’s money-movement network, to reduce payroll payment cycles that typically take 2-3 days through banking systems. The new digital payment method makes salary payments direct to employees’ debit or credit cards using Visa Direct, Visa’s real-time, push payment platform.

Enabling solutions that help workers access their paychecks faster through EWA and payroll solutions is more vital than ever. This is why our partnership with CloudPay is so important. We are delighted Visa Direct is now supporting businesses in their efforts to enhance their payroll systems and enable on-demand payouts for their workers.

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Beyond The Payslip

Beyond the Payslip

The fields of physics and business may have little in common, but there’s one concept that bridges both disciplines: inertia. In business, inertia represents an organizational resistance to change. More specifically, the concept of inertia speaks to the tendency of senior leaders to maintain existing frameworks as a hedge against forces beyond their control.