Integrating Global Payroll with SAP SuccessFactors

Payroll and Human Capital Management systems handle complex yet very different tasks while sharing many data points.  Integrating any of these data points generates efficiencies, such as reducing or eliminating duplicate data entry,  reducing errors,  and decreasing time to complete a payroll process. 

The opportunities for integrating with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central system are considerable.  This blog covers the basics around payroll with SuccessFactors, how best to apply specific features in your business, and the key points to cover when integrating with a global payroll solution. 

SAP SuccessFactors Global Payroll

If you use Employee Central for your Human Resources functions, using Employee Central payroll is an excellent choice, provided SAP has payroll processing for all countries where you have employees.  Incorporating payroll and HR allow you to run both functions on a single cloud-based platform, accessible to all your teams wherever they are in the world. 

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll currently supports payroll in multiple countries, including most major and developed economies; there are, however, many countries where Employee Central Payroll is not an option.  In these cases, a third-party alternative will be necessary for payroll processing.


Running Global Payroll with SuccessFactors Employee Central 

When you adopt SuccessFactors Employee Central, deciding how you run your global payroll is not an all-or-nothing decision.  There are options available to you, and which one is most suitable will depend on the size of your workforce and the scale and distribution of them around the world.  

SAP designed Employee Central Payroll to handle complex payroll processing for multinational companies with significant head counts in the countries they operate.  These companies have sizeable workforces in multiple countries, and Employee Central Payroll makes logistical and financial sense.  However, a third-party solution is necessary when Employee Central Payroll doesn’t provide payroll functions for a country or might be a better option when your organization has a smaller employee population. 


The SuccessFactors Employee Central Global Payroll Connector 

When you have employees in one or more countries that Employee Central Payroll does not support, integration allows you to get the best of both worlds.  Use Employee Central Payroll in the countries they support and leverage CloudPay’s Employee Central Global Payroll connector for countries not supported. 

CloudPay has developed a payroll connector explicitly to work with SAP Employee Central to streamline and ensure successful integration.  This connector allows businesses to provide a fully integrated global payroll by leveraging up-to-date automation technologies.  The connector is fully configurable as we realize each company may utilize Employee Central differently.  Information gathering, handling, and processing are more interconnected and intuitive than ever before.  Our connector handles more than 130 countries and represents a reliable cloud-based option for every kind of international business. 

While the arguments for a Global Payroll Connector are compelling, the reality of deploying an integration requires a well-planned and managed implementation to ensure success.  Understanding your payroll requirements for each country and your configuration of Employee Central is critical, as is integration testing, validation, and documentation.  CloudPay is keenly aware that Human Resources and Payroll are not static functions; new legislation will consistently occur, necessitating updates to systems that handle these functions and perhaps changes to the connector.  We monitor updates made to CloudPay’s infrastructure and the SAP Employee Central software and update our connector as necessary. 




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