Ventana Research Names CloudPay a Vendor of Assurance

CloudPay is very pleased to have been included in the inaugural Ventana Research Buyers Guide for Global Payroll. And we’re delighted to confirm that for 2023, we’ve been named as the only vendor in the Assurance category and have come very close to the top Exemplary rating in this first report.

The result comes at a time of profound change in the world of payroll, and in wider business around the world more generally. The traditional, transactional, compliance-dominated ways of running payroll are being consigned to the history books. In their place are technology-led innovations that make payroll a valuable business asset, with data-driven insights, and user-friendly services that are faster, easier, more efficient, and more beneficial to businesses. 

Given that regulation and globalization can make payroll highly complex, especially when having to deal with multiple currencies and tax jurisdictions simultaneously, CloudPay is proud to be independently recognized for our efforts to transform the modern pay experience.

What is the Ventana Research Buyers Guide?

The Ventana Research Buyers Guide independently assesses the offerings of several vendors in a marketplace, in the context of the requirements of potential customers. Different software solutions (in this case, for global payroll) are evaluated across seven key categories. Five of these categories refer to the product itself: usability, manageability, reliability, capability, and adaptability. The other two relate to customer assurance, namely vendor validation, and TCO/ROI (total cost of ownership and return on investment).

Ventana uses its extensive experience, knowledge, and research capabilities to objectively assess each vendor in turn. The end result of this assessment is a rounded and comprehensive picture of the suitability of a software vendor, and a meaningful way for customers to compare solutions against each other.

CloudPay as a vendor of assurance

The Ventana Research classified CloudPay as a vendor of Assurance, which represents those that achieved the highest levels in the customer experience metrics. Looking at its findings in detail, there are two areas in which CloudPay performed particularly well:

  • Validation: this was CloudPay’s best-performing metric in the report, with Ventana citing our ‘wide variety of customer stories that effectively explain [our] commitment to customer success and support.’ We firmly believe that it’s vital to work hard towards the success of a customer, and through the likes of our platform’s ability to track performance, we help drive operational improvements for all of our customers.

  • Capability: our ‘strong Global and Core Payroll capabilities’ were singled out by Ventana for praise within the report. This is a testament to our ability to handle even the most complex and multinational payroll portfolios around, a vital consideration in a global world where geographical barriers to work are being broken down all the time.

Delivering a modern pay experience

CloudPay is a strong advocate of the modern pay experience: making payroll fast, flexible, and certain, and helping payroll become a vital strategic function and a driver of competitive advantage within every business. Through our solutions, expertise, and initiatives we can make payroll a force for good in every area of an organization, whether it’s through better payroll performance, friction-less automation, or seamless integration to your chosen HCM system or by providing real-time, data-driven insights that can help foster a better company culture.

CloudPay’s acknowledgment by Ventana Research as a “Vendor of Assurance” underscores our unwavering dedication to enhancing the customer experience. We’re proud to have achieved such a positive result in this first edition of the report, and look forward to demonstrating our impressive product capabilities, robust customer validations, rigorous compliance practices, and operational enhancements for years to come.

Find out more about the modern pay experience and our global payroll technology, or get in touch with our team to get answers to your business-specific questions.


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