What’s New at CloudPay, Q3 2023

Innovation never stops at CloudPay. We’re constantly expanding our capabilities to drive more value for our customers and service partners. Here are the details of recent product enhancements and recognition we’ve received.

Streamline Global Payroll Workflow

We’ve listened to our customers’ challenges and our goal is to automate activities and simplify the processes involved in the payroll cycle, thereby increasing efficiency and alleviating pressure on busy payroll teams. In addition, we want to make the payroll process as simple as possible so we’re reviewing the user experience for each process and adding improvements to make the processes as intuitive as possible.

As part of this wider initiative to automate as much of the process as possible, we launched our new Approval Workflow Process, replacing a file-based approval process with an easy-to-follow, four-step self-service workflow, allowing customers to approve payrolls faster and with increased certainty. A single screen now displays all the critical data and helps inform the decision-making process during payroll approval. Current steps, prominent processing statistics and essential exceptions, such as negative net payments are immediately visible. Comprehensive payroll results summaries are displayed, with the ability to drill down into the details. All essential payroll result reports are available for instant download, providing fast access to detailed validation. Payroll results can be simply approved or rejected with one click.

Payroll Process

This is just one of the initiatives we’re delivering to streamline and automate the payroll process. Watch out for information on more new features coming soon.

Automate Payroll Management

We’ve listened to our customers and we’re tackling slow, complex pay processes and making them fast and friction-free. Our new condition-based automation framework allows the team to automate workflow steps based on specific conditions. This means that payrolls meeting the right conditions can be progressed with minimal human involvement, freeing the team up to focus on more complex tasks.

Again this is part of a wider initiative and the first automation delivery is the payroll run workflow. Our automation framework automatically validates the payroll run changes and generates the necessary pre-processing reports. Once the payroll run is processed, the framework integrates employee payslips with the CloudPay system for validation. Payslips will become visible to other systems and employees once the payroll is approved and the payslip batch is published. This allows for early validation of payslip batches and eliminates the need for manual integration by internal service teams. Once the final approval is completed all necessary signoff and GL reports are automatically generated and saved, ready for the customer to access.

Local Payroll Information

We first introduced Local Payroll Information (LPI) as a framework to support country specific payroll data by providing one standardized template for each country. Data from the template is imported into payroll along with all other employee data allowing it to be managed, validated, and reported on in the same way as any other employee data provided for the payroll process – improving data quality and minimizing the risk of delays due to errors in the payroll process. The user experience is enhanced and it facilitates consistent reporting and processing regardless of the country of operation. In Q3, we added coverage for Brazil, Romania, Argentina, The Czech Republic, Switzerland and Sweden to our already long list of countries covered – working towards coverage of all the top employee headcount countries in the near future.

Rewards and Recognition

You may have seen in the press that we have been named a Star Performer (EMEA) and Major Contender (Global) in the 2023 Everest PEAK Assessment of Multi-Country Payroll Solution Providers – we are obviously delighted about this – you can read more about it in our blog.

We’re also proud to have been awarded the Best International Payroll Solutions Company 2023 by Corporate Vision Magazine. It is great to be recognized for the work that we do, as we continue to invest in our solutions to bring the Modern Pay Experience to our customers,

If you’re not yet a CloudPay customer, contact us for more information and keep an eye out for future blogs on how we support the modern pay experience with new product releases to ensure your payroll processes are Fast, Flexible and Certain.


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