Workday External Payroll Documents: A New Level of Integration

Integration is vital to smooth data flows and processing across payroll, payments, and HR. When systems run separately, or data needs to be duplicated across multiple platforms, the headwinds quickly add up.

For example, integration scheduling can become more time-consuming, or separate integrations are needed for payslips and year-end tax documents. As a result, it can be hard for local service teams to collaborate effectively, or to organize local deletion.

It’s a problem that we know many organizations struggle with – and one that we’ve worked very hard to resolve.



Better integration for smoother payroll

As part of our efforts to maximize integration opportunities within CloudPay, we have released a new tool that works with the Workday platform for enterprise management cloud. 

Called Workday External Payroll Documents, it allows your payroll documentation to be integrated directly into your Workday tenant. Through the tool, it’s possible to publish payslips, tax, and other payroll documents in one place, to provide results to local service teams directly, and to unpublish documents from CloudPay directly.

It’s intended to replace the existing Workday Payslip and Tax Year-End API solutions, seamlessly bringing CloudPay functionality and payroll data into the process.

With Workday External Payroll Documents, you can:

  • Reduce complexity: the number of touchpoints where errors can creep in, such as FTP-related issues and file loading, can be reduced

  • De-risk: the removal of manual payslip publishing, replaced by automatic publication and notification, means the process is more reliable and transparent

  • Improve data: processing can rely on better-quality data that is consistent

  • Standardize reporting: common reporting and payslip delivery removes any inconsistencies, and supports better visibility of publishing failures and why they happen

  • Drive process efficiency: minimal configuration and easier admin for payroll practitioners make life easier, to the point that there is no longer any need for dedicated integration personnel

Workday External Payroll Documents in action

This new Workday integration has already been trialled successfully by a number of CloudPay users and we’re in the process of rolling it out to the rest of our Workday customer base.

This has enabled standardization of global pay processes, reporting, and payslip delivery; improved data quality and accuracy; and supported better business continuity.

With specific regard to WEPD, payslips and tax documents can now be sent directly to employees’ profiles without the need for separate integrations.

The implementation of WEPD has made significant differences to some of our customers already, at an organisation level and to payroll and IT team members. It has simplified processes as error messages are now in one place, and accessible to operation teams.

“I can go on holiday whenever I want now!! Because if something goes wrong the local teams can solve it themselves. They do not need IT to help them rerun a load or remove incorrect documents. They now have the capability to manage pay document issues for themselves together with the operations team on the CloudPay side. And they can do it when it occurs without having to wait for support”
Rachel Blignaut, Principal IT Technologist

“We have a tiered support model for employee queries and previously most payslip-related questions needed to go through two tiers. Our tier 1 handlers didn’t have access to our payslip engine therefore my payroll team would spend quite some time on support, answering basic questions. But now with WEPD, our tier 1 handlers can resolve most issues with a few simple instructions. They have access to Workday directly and my payroll teams are now freed up to focus on other activities.”
Marc Ladenstein, Program Manager, Global Payroll


Implementing Workday External Payroll Documents

Implementation is very simple. It requires the creation of an Integrated System User (ISU) and it will be tested with the customer before activation.  Once activated, all payrolls can be switched to the new solution eliminating the need for implementations per payroll.

‘I’ve never had such an easy change management project’
Marc Ladenstein, Program Manager, Global Payroll

To find out more on how CloudPay can support better integration with Workday for your payroll team, talk to us today about Workday External Payroll Documents.



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