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Improve accuracy, visibility and efficiency with our implementation, payroll delivery and treasury services experts

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Dedicated Global Payroll Experts

Backed by decades of global payroll experience, our payroll teams enable multinational organizations to streamline their payroll operations, improve performance standards and deliver more accurate and compliant payroll to their global workforce.

We give you access to our expert team via a single portal.  Our knowledgeable implementation, payroll processing, treasury services and support teams helps minimize the complexity of global payroll in more than 130 countries. 


Our Experts

Benefit from our network of global payroll and subject matter experts. Accessible via the CloudPay portal.

A Network of Experts

Problem / Solution

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Lost time

Managing multiple vendors is labor-intensive. With language barriers, lead time delay, and SLA considerations as multiple vendors process, manage, and validate international payroll, time is lost every month just managing vendors.

Time saved

We provide fast access to knowledgeable, highly qualified experts in every country. Not just payroll experts but implementation, regional compliance, and treasury experts too - all via a single unified portal.

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Too Many Systems

If you employ an international workforce, the chances are you'll have numerous payroll, and treasury systems to learn and navigate. That's on top of the project management and communications systems you're using to communicate with external vendors.

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A Single Portal for Access to All Our Experts

At CloudPay we offer our customers streamlined support with access to all our experts via a simple unified portal. Making it easy for you to not only access expert advice but keep all your communication and documentation in one place.

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Cost to Recruit Experts

The cost of hiring experts in global payroll regulations,  as well as payroll specialists in various countries to process and validate your payroll can mount up. 

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Cost Saving

CloudPay customers benefit from the vast range of expertise available and the associated cost savings as a result of efficiencies of scale. All without the commitment of hiring consultants and freelance staff.

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Global Payroll RFP

In this CloudPaper, we explore how the same automation that helps secure a customer’s personal data also reduces costs for the company, improves payroll accuracy for employees, and eliminates tedious manual work for the payroll professional.


CloudPay Analytics: Payroll Issues Dashboard

An overview of the payroll issues dashboard feature. Identifying the number of issues within your payroll process and often they occurred is important. But understanding why and when they occur and how they impact your result can employer your team to improve the payroll process and prevent recurring errors in future payroll runs. That's the difference reporting and analytics.